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The Journey of Liverpool FC in Football History

Liverpool Football Club is a renowned football club in Liverpool, England, that participates in the Premier League, the top position for English football. The team has brought home 5 European Cups, more than any other English club, 3 UEFA Super Cups, 15 FA Community Shields, 18 League names, 7 FA Cups, 3 UEFA Cups, along with 8 League Cups. Due to the popularity of the game, the Liverpool ticket prices were kept high.


The foundation of the team
Liverpool was established in the year 1892 and became a part of the Football League, the very next year. It got the opportunity to play at Anfield. It was during the period of the 1970s and 1980s that Liverpool established itself an efficient power in the football legacy. This was when Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley took the club to secure 11 League titles and seven awards. Liverpool stood to become the European Championship for the fifth time when Rafael and Steven Gerrard were managing the team.

In the history of football, Liverpool had ranked to be the ninth highest-earning football team during 2016-17. Their earning stood at $424.2, and in 2018, their ranking stood to be in the eighth position with $1.944 billion. As far as fan-following is concerned the team remains to be the best-supporting clubs. It’s most prominent rivalries stand to be Everton and Manchester United.

Liverpool FC was founded after the dispute between the Club President and proprietor, John Houlding and Everton Committee. However, after the eight years of fight, Everton moved to Goodison Park in 1892. Houlding further moved forward to find the Liverpool FC. They began to be playing their game in Anfield. Initially, the team was referred to as Everyone FC and Athletic Grounds Ltd. Back in 1892, the team gained the name of Liverpool FC during March. However, within three weeks it was recognized officially.

Their change in name was brought because the Football Association had refused from acknowledging their presence as Everyone. Gradually, they won Lancashire League and secured the first position. Then, the Club was pushed to the first division. Initially, they got the chance of scoring 1901 and then secured again in 1906.

The achievements of Liverpool
Liverpool secured its first FA Cup Final in 1914. It moved further to secure League title but failed to secure the trophy before the years of 1946-47. During these years the club secured the First Division under the guidance of Ham Utd George Kay. In 1950, Liverpool faced a severe Cup Final defeat.

The team bounced back to its first position in 1964 after a wait of 17 years. Then in 1965, it also secured the FA Cup. Although it secured its first prize in 1996, it had to be brushed off to the Borussia Dortmund during the finals of European Cup final. Liverpool had secured the UEFA cup in 1972-73 and also managed to secure the other FA Cup in the following year.

Shankly gave up his position which was further taken up by his assistant. Next Paisley took up to be the director in 1976 and still the team managed to secure the UEFA and League Cup double. Although, the team managed to secure the European Cup to itself but moved out of the 1977 FA Cup Final. Liverpool had secured the European Cup and bounced back to its first position in 1979. Under the guidance of Paisley, the team has managed to secure victory over 21 games. All these nine seasons were a massive hit.

Liverpool also reached the European Cup in 1985 when it was playing against Juventus in the Heysel Stadium. Nonetheless, the Liverpool fans had violated the regular terms and charged at the Juventus fans. Such behavior led to huge chaos among the people. The force of the people was so much on the wall that the walls fall off.

About 39 Italian fans were killed in the process. This led to a drop in the Liverpool FC tickets price. The incident was referred to as Heysel Stadium disaster. This brought down the rankings of Liverpool FC too. It was a part of the end from 1988 to 89. Liverpool and Arsenal became a tie in the game but failed to secure ahead. In the second and the deciding part of the game, Arsenal secured the goal and emerged victoriously.

Why did Dalglish resign?
Referring to the Hillsborough tragedy, Dalglish gave up his position in 1992. Graeme Souness stepped up as the new captain. Liverpool secured the title at 1992 FA Cup Final under the guidance of Souness. Nonetheless, in the other next games, the team failed to perform.

Thus he had to be called down of his position in January, 1994. Roy Evans took his position, and finally, Liverpool found it’s placed in the Football League Cup Final. Although they played some significant games, there were a few of the them in 1996 and 1998 that distinguished them.

In 1998-99 Gerard Houllier became the co-manager who further moved to become a director in November, 1988 after the resignation of Evans. Even if they scored a significant recognition, they could not secure prizes and titles for the next seasons.

The team became a part of 2007 UEFA Champions League Final since they had stopped from 2005. In the following years of 2008-09, Liverpool gave a tough competition to Manchester United during Premier League but ended up being runners-up. Even in the points, they couldn’t score too well.

Although in 2009-10 Liverpool ranked seventh in the Premier League, they failed to secure a position in the Champions League. The period of 2011-12 brought a success to the Liverpool team in football history. However, thisspan of time seemed to be its worst since it landed in the eighth place. It was one of the worst games of 18 years for Liverpool. Something similar happened in 2014-15 when Liverpool failed to make its mark in the league finals and had to be removed and stood in the sixth position.

Liverpool around the world
Liverpool is one of the best-supported clubs in the entire world. Liverpool fans call themselves as Kopites. If you’re a football fan, you understand the value of Liverpool league match tickets. In today’s time, the Liverpool vs. Man City tickets is highly sold. If there is a European football club that is worshipped thoroughly across the world, it’s Liverpool.

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