Published On: Sat, Feb 9th, 2019

The Top Tech Offices Around the World

More and more companies are realising the importance of a relaxing, open and well stocked office environment, and they are implementing the design of their offices accordingly. Companies are introducing child day care areas, pet areas, chill down areas and even games rooms into their office spaces! These spaces are specifically designed to help employees to take a break, relax, unwind and mingle with one another. They also help to solve a range of employee dilemas (such as childcare, petcare, sleeping problems and social engagement). There is often an increase in productivity and problem solving abilities when employees have the balance between social interaction and work, and companies are catching on. Take a look at some of the world’s most innovative working environments.

#1 SelgasCano Offices

This architectural firm has a way of getting noticed as an expert in the field, and that is to make their office space as innovative and employee friendly as possible. Drawing from the evidence that that the natural world increases productivity and happiness, this architectural firm has established glass, bubblelike offices into a forest in Madrid. That’s right, the space is fully windowed on one side and drops down into the earth. The expanse of daylight and the natural beauty of the forest is intended to help employees to get natural and productivity enhancing daylight! Now that is a cool office!

#2 Toms Shoes Offices

Toms Shoes are an eco friendly shoe manufacturer based in Los Angeles. Their focus on environmentally friendly design and their focus on charity is really reflected in their office space. Not only do that have rope swings secured to the ceiling, but they also have encouraging plaques littered across the walls. These are designed to both inspire employees while also reflecting their charity focused ethos! They even have a giant slide to encourage their employees to have a little fun while they work, while a dog-friendly policy is established throughout!

#3 Quicken Loans Offices

This mortgage lending company has its headquarters based in Detroit. The office space is comprised of a variety of different activities for the employees to take part in. From pool tables and ping pong through to sporting basketball courts! They even have scooters to get from office to office on! Their focus on innovation and design is intended to both represent their approach to work while simultaneously encouraging their employees to have fun in an environment that is stereotypically regarded as ‘boring’!

#4 Google’s Office Space

Google has office space around the world, but perhaps one of its most innovatively designed workspaces include its New York offices. Not only do their headquarters have ladders leading up to simulated New York high streets, but they also have music and library spaces as well. They even have an computer mini-museum! Now that is a cool place to have your headquarters! Plus they offer tours of their space on occasion! Make use of cheap Prestwick Airport parking – or any cheap airport parking in the UK – and get over to New York for your Google office tour! You really won’t be disappointed.

#5 Spotify Offices

Spotify’s offices in New york are quite the spectacle. Not only are they cleancut and well designed, emphasising relaxation and work simultaneously, but they also use string as a way of separating office spaces. They have done this in order to symbolise a hard working, but still accessible, working environment. The ‘open door’ policy comes to mind here.

#6 TBWA Offices

This advertorial agency has its offices located in Tokyo. They have been designed with wide window spaces and astroturfed flooring. This is intended to give employees the aesthetic and feel of the outside world. This focus on the natural world has been implemented for the purpose of creating a naturally stimulating, positive and productive environment. It certainly looks the part!

#7 YouTube Offices

There are YouTube offices based all over the world, and they are definitely innovatively designed and employee centred! Some of their offices display flat screen TVs that are repeatedly and continuously playing the trendiest videos on YouTube. This is a great way to keep the office based employees consistently up to date on their users preferences and trends!

There are so many different headquarters and offices around the world, and it really is no wonder that some of them represent a utilisation and innovation of space for both marketing reasons, and to boost the happiness and productivity of their employees! So why not take a trip abroad and take a tour of some of these offices yourself? They really are the pinnacle of modern working environment design!

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