Published On: Fri, Mar 23rd, 2018

Theresa May Warmly Appreciates EU Support Over Russian Role In Spy Attack

European Union leaders has started backing United Kingdom on 22 March, accusing Moscow over a nerve agent attack on former Russian secret agent in England brought to mind their representative to Moscow in a symbolic protest.

Theresa May, British Prime Minister warmly appreciated the backing of presented by other senior officials from European Union on 23 March when they submitted same kind opinion with London’s assessment, because it is believing that Moscow backed a nerve-agent assault on a ex-Russia’s spy.

May said in a statement that she is actually thankful over EU Council has set all to play supportive role over the UK government’s assessment, is likely that Moscow was behind the attempted murder occurred on the streets of Salisbury.

The United Kingdom’s PM also said, no believable optional explanation, the threat that Moscow presents respects no borders and that what is risk to British values.

Therefore, European Union is with the Britain authorities to tackle the matter nicely as well to support those values.

During the combined summit statement, May appreciated a lot the supportive behavior by the senior European Union leaders who agreed over blaming Moscow over a nerve spy assault on a former Russia’s secret worker at English ground.

It appears to be a great advance for English authorities as they have been trying to convince EU leaders to censure Russian government for their indecent or irresponsible role behind the attempted killing of Sergei Skripal, Russia’s former double agent and his daughter on 4 March.

Nonetheless, it was considered first unpleasant use of a nerve poison in Europe since World War Two.While United Kingdom has also marked one year anniversary of the deadly attack on Westminster Bridge on 22 March, the first in a series of Islamist fighters’ attacks at the English land in 2017, left dozens of dead and a number of wounded.

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