Published On: Tue, Feb 12th, 2019

Things to Consider Before Picking a PDF Reader

Gone are the days when offices were stacked with piles of papers on desks. Thanks to technological advancements, data is now being created, edited and distributed digitally. This has become a reality due to different tools including PDF readers like

PDF readers are software that run on devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. They are used to create, edit, send, receive PDF files (data).

These softwares are widely used in offices, industries, hospitals, schools and many other places as well. However, to get the best of them, one needs to choose the right one.

Here’s how you can pick a good PDF reader:

1. Extensive Reading Features

PDF readers are not only used for creating and editing PDF files, they provide a luxurious experience in reading novels as well.

eBooks are largely in trend. If you enjoy reading articles, notes, or other such content on your mobile devices then it is important that you invest in the right PDF reader.

The right option will give you a similar experience to reading a physical book. Many good PDF readers offer several reading modes including portrait mode, landscape mode, page by page mode and even night mode when you want to read a book in low light conditions.

Then there’s the bookmark facility, highlighting option, commenting feature and jump to page mode as well.

In short, a top notch quality feature will offer a beautiful reading experience. Therefore, make sure that the PDF reader you choose has this capability.

2. Convert Files

PDF files are among the most secured and light files but there might come a time that you need to convert it to some other extension. This is often required in a corporate environment.

High quality PDF readers such as Soda PDF allow converting files from PDF to other extensions and vice versa.

Hence, when choosing a PDF reader, see that it allows file conversion.

3.  Control File Management

When you work in a corporate surrounding, it’s essential to be discreet about your work. Here’s where PDF readers can be a great asset as they help control the reigns of PDF files.

With a good PDF reader, you can set sharing, editing, reading and copying rights. This means you get to control who enjoy what level of access.

If you want to restrict everyone from accessing a PDF file then it can also be done by protecting the file with a password.

4. Create, Edit And Open Multiple PDF Files

Choose a PDF reader that allows you to create, edit, delete and modify multiple PDF files without any trouble. This will not only help you save time and energy but also allow you to compare data from two files.

You can also merge two files into one with a powerful PDF reader.

The Conclusion

A good PDF reader must have these features. Make sure to do a good amount of research before choosing a software.

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