Published On: Tue, Sep 4th, 2018

Thousand of fishes have been dropped into Utah Lake

For those who are planning a trip to the Utah’s remote lake; do not be alarmed if you suddenly see fishes flying down from the sky into the water.

Thousand of fishes have been dropped into Utah Lake

This is not a miracle or a trick of an eye; instead it is a restoration initiative by State to promote trout population.

State of US; Utah is known for its excellent fishing grounds in its high mountain lakes. However to maintain the year around fishing in these lakes artificial re-population of trout is required.

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In the past this was done by simply placing trout fishes in milk metal cans and transporting them to these isolated bodies of water with horses.

However today the State has resorted to a much safer and actually faster solution and even named it as ‘Extreme Fish Stocking”. The method like its name is just as radical as it sounds.

In last week a video was posted by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) of this practice on various social media platforms. The video displayed an enormous amount of trout to be hurled down into the lakes from a plane flying over them.

The agency captioned the video with statement saying that,

“we are stocking many of Utah’s high mountain lakes from air with planes. These fishes are tiny ranging from 1 to 3 inches in size. This small size allows about 95 percent of them to survive the fall”.

The practice might seem cruel to some but is actually much safer. The reason is that these fishes are tiny with their bodies being streamlined and light in weight which allows falling safely with little to no harm at all.

Scientists have even presented a fact that fishes in the Niagara Falls are actually able to survive the 50 feet drop almost 90 percent of the time.

The fishes thrown down are already sterilized which allows them not to contaminate the already present population of trout n the lakes.

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