Published On: Tue, Dec 5th, 2017

Three Missiles From Israel Shot Down By Syria Near The Damascus As Reported

Just after the days when Israel hit the military post, Syria claimed that they shot down the three missiles of Jewish State while another military post was on target and Air Defence confirmed the news of hitting the missiles near the capital Damascus on Tuesday.


The missile attack was occurred about Monday midnight as state news reported while it is not clearly told to media that either the target was hit or not but it is only said that Syrian Air Defence force has shot down three missiles on Tuesday.

Israel made many attacks on Syria while thousands of people have been killed in the country because of military war by Israel.

A huge number of people have fled their homes to save their lives and still now Israel imposes missiles on Damascus on military posts.

According to the Syrian officials that three days before this missile attack, Israel attacked on military posts in the capital of country with several missiles.

But there were no causalities occurred as a lot of material damage due to surface to surface attack.

After the shot down of missiles by Syrian Air Defence on Tuesday as reported, Israel did not make any statement regarding.

This failure attack and about the causalities no report was given to media by Syrian government but three missiles hit by security.

The state news reported on Tuesday that four missiles were left on Syria but three were shot down while one of them confronted the one of their military post near the capital of country Damascus.

It is believed that Israeli airstrikes were made for the Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group which is fighting with the Syrian government forces and Monday midnight missiles attack was on the one of their military post.

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