Published On: Tue, Aug 22nd, 2017

Tom Brady Net Worth; How Much Is Tom Brady Worth Today?

Tom Brady Net Worth in 2018: $180 Million

Tom Brady is known as five times winner of Super Bowl, he is an American footballer quarter who started to play the game when he was a student of school and now according to different sources, his total net worth is $180 million.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is known for his professional name Tom Brady, he was born on August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, California; during his early days of life he was a fan of Montana who was also his inspiration.

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He attended the 1981 NFC Championship when he was only four years old in 1981 and now he is known as one of the highest paid athlete in world.

He was a good player in his college team at University of Michigan, at initial level he was backup quarterback for team in first two years but he became the main player of the team after that.

Now he is known as one of the best players in the world as he has received many awards and he has played for 16 seasons for New England Patriots of the NFL.

The world most favorite player Tom Brady has achieved numerous playoff records like he has won most quarterback matches as a starter, Most touchdown passes, Most passing yards.

He has a record of appearing more than other player in NFL conference championship and he has won 7 NFL conference championships which is more than any player as a starter.

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Brady has many deals with numerous international companies for advertisement, there are number of companies who are sponsoring him like Simmons, Ugg and Tag Heuer.

According to an estimate he has the salary about $26.5 million and his total net worth according to different sources is $180 million.

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