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Top 10 Best Countries for Business In The World 2018

Business is an organizational entity a firm or a company involved in the provision of services to the customers, it could be profitable or non profitable at the same time. Business trade is the part of society for very long time back in stone age people do trade they give what they have and take what they do not have but later when trade or business has new roots or ways of doing it then they converted business by coins and the money concept was the game changer with the passage of time world is based on their economy which is based on their business.

Now it’s very important which country is leading the economy and strong economy of any country could make that country super power of this present world. In present time there are so many countries which are very appropriate for the business and every third world country is dying to enhance trade relations with that country now world had became global village internet has change everything business is a lot easier then it was in pas.

Here is the Top 10 Best Countries for Business in the world 2018.


Canada is one of the most developed country in the world with the GDP per capita is $43,100 Canada is high tech industrial country with trillion dollars industries this is the economy oriented country. The petroleum reserves of the country is leading the economy towards highest levels and due to Alberta oil reserves Canada is the third proved oil reserves and ranked fifth in the oiled producer. Canada has solid economic growth since World War II this is the country which is very suitable for foreign investments and all the investments are very secured as well due to high GDP.

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Norway is a beautiful country it has stable economy with strong private sector as its GDP growth is 1.6% and GDP per capita is $74,700 the petroleum sector provide major boost in the economy of Norway. This amazing country is rich with a lot of natural resources as its had oil, gas, minerals and forest Norway is worlds one of the leading oil exporter as in this industry the total income ratio is very high Norway is also one of the best business known country. Government is taking steps for the betterment of the people, every year there are billions of dollars investments are coming to this beautiful country.


Per capita income of Finland is $44000 Finland is one of the highly industrial country in the world also declared as best countries in the world this country has very strong economy, trade plays very important part in the strong economy of Finland. This is the country which has very rich history of manufacturing of wood material, metals and telecommunication Finland is depends on the import of goods, raw materials, energy and mobile phone. This is one of the best performing economies in the world also very suitable for foreign investments all the investors around the globe looking for right opportunities in Finland.

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Another country is declared best country for the business in the world with GDP growth rate of Netherlands is 2% and GDP per capita income is $44000, Netherland is the sixth largest economy in European Union this is called as European transportation hub. Its economy is the key towards its progress highly developed and industrial zone for every continent their main industry focus on food energy, petroleum, chemical and electrical machinery. The monetary policy of Netherlands is controlled by European central bank people of the country are highly educated and very professional Netherlands has the status of world second largest exporter of agriculture.

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Denmark is a small country with the population of 5.6 M this country has economic power that’s why this is the investment hub and announced as best country for the business  globally everything is very stable and well balanced the GDP of per capita is $52000. Denmark is the major exporter of oil, gas, food, and energy and this country is very advanced in technology but also depend on import of raw materials Danes life style is highly classified and they had very high living standards within European Union Denmark is very strong supporter trade liberalization Denmark is an eye candy for investors due to its stable economy and growth in per capita income.

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5.United Kingdom

United Kingdom is the hub of tourism and one of the most developed countries in the whole world the GDP per capita is $43,700 with the total population of 64.4 M and one of the strongest economies in the whole world as well. UK is known as the leading trading and financial center and ranked on number third in European union economies, united kingdom is the importer of the energy since 2005 but it has big natural resources of oil and natural gas reserves and best country for the business globally it is also the fastest growing economies in G7 one of the most visited country in the world and the people of this country are highly educated.


Another well established and developed country Ireland which is small but modern and richest as well they are highly stable and people of this country living high standard life, during 1995 to 2007 their economic activity decreased rapidly and reduce revenue but they worked hard in all field with new and advanced technology so within few years they stable economy they reduce the tax as well. Now many people want to invest with this country due to best for the business they never disappoint the people who invest in this wonderful country.

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3.Hong Kong

This country has free market economy and greatly dependent on international trade and finance with 5the good and fine values of goods and services they don’t apply tariffs on imported goods. This is beautiful country everyone visit this country and tourism industry also make economy more stable this country is well developed and well established in all ways. They are doing their best job with the international business that provide the facility for the world people to invest money with this best business country and make their life stable as they want.

2.New Zealand

This country was declared one of the peaceful country they provide the best resources for the people of this country like free education, health care facilities, crime rate are very less in this wonderful country and they have strong economy as well that’s why this country is declaring as one best countries for business purpose all around the globe. From the last 30 years government of this country make stable in all field of life and they are able to compete with other countries their strong economy and well developed projects attract the people to invest money with this successful country in all ways.

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One of the top best countries for the business in the whole world is Sweden which is bordered with Norway to west and north, and also linked with Denmark in the southwest through bridge of tunnel opposite the Oresund. This country economy is well established which offer to world people to invest money for the sake of business and generate profit for the better living standard. This best business country ranks highly in case of national performance as well such as daily based life, health care, educational institutes, law and rules economic growth, human development and successfulness.

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