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Top 10 Biggest Gas Stations In The World 2018

Gas stations is the facility that sells gasoline and engine lubricants for vehicles, gas stations are more like we just stop fill the gas in the car and started our journey again and this is how life goes towards end but wait there are few places globally who are called gas stations which are big everyone wanted to stop their and enjoy that moment of life, as gas stations are the most reliable source of relax before hitting the road as who drive for so long these stations are the best place for relaxing and also very safe to stay for a while.

Few gas stations are attractive and some of these had remarkable designs and amazing architecture that anyone could fall in love with the amazing view and biggest structure are surely a treat to watch out. These are not only for filling gas and grabbing snakes but it could be picnic points for those who are travelling along with their families. The very first filling station was built in 1888 it was called as city pharmacy in Germany and after that stations were at every stop at every road.

Here is the list of biggest filling stations in the world 2018.

10.Gasoline petrol station in Cuneo, Italy

Gasoline petrol station is a very big and beautiful gas station that attract all the people to come and visit this beautiful work of art all the very strong and beautiful modern themes also offering a cafe or a restaurant along with the ability of filling gasoline in the vehicles, this station is situated in Cuneo Italy and this gasoline petrol station is very famous because of its big and bold modern structure and reflecting a true picture of modern world architecture .This station make you feel like you have been transformed into the future large pieces of cement and large glass make this station one of the biggest station in the whole world.

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9.Gas Galanta in Slovakia

Gas Galanta in Slovakia is one of the most visited station their and an amazing work of art  this phenomenal gas station has very tall saucer style shape on all the building and on whole station as well. The numbers of pump is very bright in colors on the gray surface and the wooden attach building is enhancing its beauty as its most uniquely designed and built on very modern terms and conditions. All the three vast and large discs are connected with each other and reflecting image and giving this very modern atmosphere this station has great importance in the area.

8.Helious house in Los Angeles

Anyone want to see something really built on the bases of future picture this gas station is absolutely amazing and breath-taking its 3D shape and stainless steel panels with hard edges gives this exceptionally eye candy view. One thing is very unique in this station is large canopy which actually collect rainwater and it could be reused for irrigation this station is very famous for its eco friendly usage and different design, all the roof of this station is full of solar panels and create enough energy to light it up whole night. It’s in Los Angeles an eye catching property in the area this gas station is bigger in size and gives very modern image.

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7.Esso mobile station in Leicestershire

One of the oldest working gas station which is very uniquely designed this esso mobile station is located in Leicestershire and it was created in 1979 also most beautiful and big station on the land it has large disc shapes hovering above all the building painted with white and red color. This esso gas station is so phenomenal looking station as its one of its last kind in England as well alone gas station it has very big shopping area a cafe and Mother Nature as well. This station has important value in the history of England and people want to see their old roots so they use to go to witness this amazing blast from past.

6.United gas station Los Angeles, California

United gas station is located in los Angeles reflecting the image of future building and future design, on the venue of la brea avenue extremely unique and amazing design United gas station has 12 gas pumps and alone with this it has mini market and a service area as well. This is providing the facility of a beautiful cafe with its absolutely beautiful interior and wall design its one of its own kind and unique its different shape starts from one side and end towards the gas pumps and after that it leads you to the car wash area this is so modern and best design.

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5.Houten service station in Netherlands

Houten service and gas station is one of the large in size due to this its declared as biggest gas station in the world and it has giant steel canopies and steel fencing covering all the front area of the gas station which is actually made to help to keep the large traffic in order and discipline, the construction of this station is extremely simple but it has cover a lot of space. It’s simple but beautifully bold structure with this gas station anyone who is visiting this giant station which also compliment the natural scenery surrounding the gas station this is one of the largest gas station exist in the world.

4.Batumi petrol station in Georgia

One thing is very sure anyone would have been visiting this gas station he is going back again and again for sure this gas station has McDonalds inside which is very appealing to all that pass by the shape of this station is very interesting and it is of glass shall shape its big dome shape is covering McDonalds from one side and on the other end there is gas pumps which is quite interesting for the visitors. Even both buildings are so connected to each other all the credit goes to the architect who has came up with an exceptional design and did an amazing job make them feel like both are separate the dining area is surrounded by green grass and superb wooden tables.

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3.Wissol gas station in Georgia

Georgia is one of the most visited place on earth it has amazing landscapes and locations this phenomenal gas station was built in 2011 interestingly it is completely made with steel and cement. It has very large sloping design this gas station is master piece that is waiting for the visitors Wissol is one of those names which is widely recognized all over the country of Georgia and then it comes to its location which is exceptional and beyond the definition of beauty this gas station is large in size so declared as biggest gas station in the world.

2.Orival gas station in Belgium

Orival gas station is very huge and wonderful in shape it is so big and modern this is one of those places which have everything like this station has a picnic area, fuel pumps and even people exhibits their art there as well. They display art pieces by local artists and painters this big station is located on 59000 square meters and has large area which consist of buildings as well with a lot of pumps and green land, this site in Belgium is one of the most visited place and people actually go to visit on purpose Orival gas station has amazing structure.

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1.Pops Archadia on route 66 in Oklahoma

The building of world biggest gas station inspire everyone who watch this for the first time pops Archadia is an American landmark which reminds of the past the shape and architecture of the building is amazingly attractive on social media this pops archadia is very famous as people are going there on daily basis and taking hundreds of photos and posting on their timelines this trend is getting bigger and it is increasing the fame of the station as well. The interior of pops is so colorful with soft edges also pops offer tasty American food, also has big collection of soda pop this gas station is the biggest gas station located in Oklahoma.

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