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Top 10 Largest Rice Producing Countries In The World 2018

Rice is one of the main and major crop in the whole world it mainly cultivated by the China they produced for the eating purpose in this way cultivation of rice started and now exports all over the world by those countries who produce this at high level. It is most important staple food products especially in Asian countries because it mostly produced in Asian countries and people love to eat rice in daily life.

This is well suitable crops for that countries where warm climate, high amount rainfall, low labor cost and rich water supply these all thing mostly found in Asian countries that’s why they are biggest rice production countries.  It is the agricultural product with the third highest production in the world rice produced 741.5 million tons only in 2014 which is increase every year.

Here is the most of top 10 biggest rice production countries in the world 2018.


Pakistan received good position in the agricultural industry and this industry make Pakistani economy more strong and Pakistan declared as one of the largest rice production country in the whole world. In every year it produced about 6 million tones rice with the South Asia rice produces mostly in the region of Punjab and Sindh with lot of farmers because cultivation is highly source of their wealth they produce Basmati which is very popular in the world according to its taste and quality rice is cultivated in this country under various climate situations.

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Rice production considered as important to the food supply in Japan it’s also use for Japanese people as diet in their routine life, the rice seasons in this country from May–June to September–October and they produce huge amount of rice, in central Japan, it is from April–May to August–October southern Japan the produce rice from April -May to August–September. Most Japanese farmers with smallest farm size consider rice farming a part-time job and done job with rice cultivation and this country currently announced as largest rice production countries in the entire world.


Rice production in the Philippines country play important role for the economy due to largest rice production country in the whole world its produce almost 2.8% rice of world during 2010 it was declared as biggest rice importer. 1995 to 2010 rice area in the Philippines harvested has expanded from nearly 3.8 million hectares to about 4.4 million hectares the production increase during these years. Almost 70% of the total rice area of this country consumed for the rice production remaining area is rain fed and upland mostly the central plain of Luzon area is suitable for the rice production.

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Burma has limited resources and face financial problem in agriculture sector they declared as one of the biggest rice producing country in the world its only depend on hard working of the people who are the involved with the rice production in last year they produces more than 35 million tons rice almost 65% of GDP depend on rice production. In previous years Burma was declared one of the largest countries which export the rice and its remains the staple food in Burma. Burma rice production Association was found by the country’s leading rice producers, traders, and exporters which joined forces to make Burma rice production and industry prod more competitive.


Mekong and Red River deltas both play important role to the food supply in the country and national economy as well it is richest country in agriculture and second biggest exporter in the world and the  seventh-largest consumer of rice globally. All the rice production is really enough to meet and fulfill need of population, 17 million of the Vietnam population work for the rice cultivation that is almost 18% of overall population. In Vietnam rice is known as ‘white gold’ and has a link to the Sanskrit name ‘Dhanya’ this name given by the India.

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It is oldest country in case of rice producing and cultivation, almost Forty percent of Thais people work in agriculture, about 16 million of people work as farmer of rice cultivation according to report it has strong rice cultivation country. This country plan and trying to enhance the production of rice which land is free with a destination of adding 500,000 hectares to it’s already 9.2 million hectares of rice growing areas. In last few years they produced rice about 25 million tons and more famous as high quality Jasmine rice and they export this type of rice all over the world market.


The cultivation of rice in Bangladesh change according to seasonal modification in the water supply and famous country for the highly producing of rice all over the world the climate, environment amazingly suitable for this rice production. They produced total 28% of country gross domestic product almost 3 million farm families of the country grow rice from the last thirty years it’s grown on about 10.5 million hectares. The monsoon starts in June to October and accounts for 80% of the total annual rainfall which is best for the rice cultivation, Bangladesh to produce rice for two harvests annually.

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Indonesian rice cultivation is distributed over 10 million hectares of land from the country this is also built the strong economy of the country the government of Indonesia increasing the cultivation of rice they successful in this way and get lots of high quality production of rice and it became biggest rice production in the whole world. In history of Indonesia rice production is connected to the development of iron instruments, smallholder farmers account almost 90% of Indonesia’s rice production, every farmer cover an average land area about 0.8 hectares.


India is also largest rice cultivating state from the globe they produces white rice and brown rice as well and adds 20% of all world rice production its staple food or diet of the people of the eastern and also southern areas of the country. It highly cultivated crop in India all the time and production increase greatly with the passage of time and declaring as biggest rice Production Company. During 2010 to 2011 they produce record rice production which was about 100 million tons due to better monsoon this year and more increased in next two year to the high record 104.32 million tons.

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In case of quality and quantity China is one of the top largest rice producing Countries in the world they produce almost 30% of all world rice production, China provide the largest are of land for agriculture purpose especially for the rice cultivation. One third Chinese’s population diet is rice and they also regular exporter in Asia and other countries, Chinese planted in February to April and harvested in June and July give about 34 percent to total rice output it also enhance the economy position.  Double crop late rice is crop in October to November and provides about 25 percent to total rice production.

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