Top 10 List of Most Expensive Guns in The World 2018

Gun is type of weapon are may be liquid & solid, gas and energy as with bullets and gun shells this was introduced by the China around the 12th century the technology was extending through the rest of Asia and in 13th century in Europe.

It’s mostly considered as killing gun and used for the fight and in wars but this is not just killing machines people also used for the symbol of pride by families and used for personal defense almost 160 different types of guns manufactured in the world from different countries and states.

Germany, Russia, Japan, china and the US are the big manufacturers of this weapon some companies are oldest and best ever which produces amazing model of gun and charged high prices they are more famous in gun history also generating huge amount of money all the time.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Guns in the world 2018.

10. The Fabbri Over And Under ($215000)

The Fabbri Company was founded by Romolo Fabbri in Bergantino, an Italian village that producing in 1950 this Atalian gunmaker company manufactured world best and most famous guns that liked and want to buy many people also declared as one of the most expensive guns in the whole world. The features of this world costly gun are fashioned from titanium, stainless steel and walnut they are 21st-century works of art. Fabbri over and under gun makes just a handful of guns a year for such luminaries as Steven Spielberg, Tom Selleck and King Juan Carlos of Spain, among others.

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9. The Peter Hofer Sidelock ($200,000)

Another amazing gun in the world is The Peter Hoofer Side lock it’s designed amazingly with great features also declared as one of the most expensive guns in the world these are most costly, unique, and subversive guns they always say every third gun that he make is declared a new gun because some people think that they never manufactured new gun. The best features of this most costly gun along with 12 bore and have a tube that is shortly seen between the greatly elaborated smoothbore barrels, those people who want to buy this gun they may get after order and then they delivered amount of gun to company.

8. The Purdey Over And Under ($200000)

This Purday Company was established in the year 1814 means that it’s very oldest company and always considered one of the best and most expensive gun company in the whole world this model is also declared as one of the most expensive gum model all around the globe with the price about $200000 and this was manufactured in 1914. This was made with Damas steel, that just shown like traditional Damascus but is an enormously strong material produced by delivery together two powdered steels from nitrogen vacuum mechanism of this gun, was improved by Ernest Lawrence.

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7. The Holland & Holland Royal Over And Under ($200000)

This company was introduced during 1835 this gun was manufactured in the year 1914 but designed changed during 1992 it is well designed and well known gun in the world with the features of locks by means of square bolts consisting just at centre of the lower barrel, a unselective, inertia run single trigger, shallow and gracefully bolstered slim body and others. The price of this most expensive gun is about $200000 which is not affordable for everyone but want to buy lot of people it designed really well with great hard work.

6. The Greener Sidelock ($200000)

This best and superb gun was manufactured in the year 1914 with the specialties such as High-class Guns, Medium Quality Guns, Sporting Rifles, Military Rifles, Rifle Club Rifles it also became part of world most costly guns. This gun always designed with lot of care and beautiful gunmaker done hardwork and then produces this master piece of gun also considered as one of the oldest guns all around the globe. The best and attractive features of greener gun such as arcaded Greener fences, a Greener fore-end with improved Deeley latch and a horn fore-end tip and heel plate.

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5. The Purdey Side By Side ($150,000)

The Purday side by side manufactured by the Purdey & Sons, or called “Purdey” who is famous British gunmaker of London he has three Royal Warrants of appointment as gun and rifle makers to the British and other European royal families this company produce best gun ever and well known all over the world. They produced a high quality and most expensive gun that is why this company name part of most expensive guns in the whole world. This gun is beautiful and attracts the people who want to buy guns and received within 18 to 24 hours after the order.

4. The William & Son Sidelock ($100,000)

This most famous gun was manufactured in 1990 by the William and his team therefore this team is called as a legendary gun due to lot of experience of making guns like this luxury and costly gun they have done lot of modern and best design the price of this gun about $100000. This company only makes only 12 guns in a year who order for this gun get after 12 month which is less as compare to other most expensive guns. The decoration of this gun is unusual but there is nothing radical about the mechanical specification, the gun is of “carriage trade” quality in all departments Barrels are chopper lump and any other.

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3. The Holland & Holland Royal Side By Side Opener ($150,000)

This is also beautiful gun declared as most expensive guns all over the world with the features of Year of Manufacture: 1933, Caliber: 12-bore, Barrel Length: 30 inches (76cm),Chambers: 2 3/4 inches (70mm), Chokes: (Right) Full & (Left) Full, Stock Length: 14 1/2 inches @ centre (36cm),Weight: 7lb (3.17kg the price of this gun is about $150000 this is really huge amount. The design of this luxury gun show the Royal beauty this was made in the year 1883 after that many Royal guns are manufactured with different and modern style but of all Royal guns are same this is perfect and best gun considered all over.

2. The Westley Richards 4 Bore Drop Lock Side By Side Double ($200,000)

The Westley Richards Company was established in the year 1812 by William Westley Richards but The Westley Richards 4 Bore Drop lock side by side double model was introduced and manufactured in 1897 it’s takes long time to create due to special features and declared as one of the most expensive guns in the whole world with the price of $200,000 it is very beautiful gun with many features that are perfect and best. Anyone can buy this best gun if they have really enough money for this because its top costly gun no affordable for every guns lover its more famous gun globally.

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1. The Boss Over And Under ($750,000)

This is top expensive guns in the world with the amount of $750000 it was manufactured and designed by the one of the oldest company Boss & Co which was established in 1812 by Thomas Boss this co headquarter situated in London, England. The features of this most expensive gun breech loading over, gun has decorated with beautiful art as so it is specially made for rich people in the world that have huge amount of money to buy and interest to use this types of very special guns. It takes time for manufacturing more than 30 months due to art work and decoration.