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Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Women In The World 2018

Where the other nations have built their strong showbiz industries, Chinese are not behind in that subject, as covers what not that should be in perfect entertainment world. What makes entertainment more effective? Obviously it contains actors and actresses including all other elements are required for perfect composition. Although the whole part of entertainment revolves main cast even women as lead stars, while to a bit extent male actors.

Let’s move towards crucial aspects of Chinese entertainment industry but like other showbiz industries, women also consider top element of amusement on screens, where Hollywood brings one of the hottest beauties to entertain well audience, same Chinese do. There are so many brilliant and magnificent celebrities have been ruling Chinese home of amusement but girls lead in this race just because of their stunning expressions as well beautiful faces with addition of extra-ordinary skills.

So our today topic contains not only beauty, even acting skills as well as how much demanding they are among people all around the world not only in homeland. By considering all this elements or factors we have designed a list to aware you with these one of the most stunning Chinese women.

These women had to prove their skills but beauties just support them even though work matters in any industry, look or beauty just push you little ahead. Now these all glamorous female actors in Chinese industry have built their strong recognitions all over the world with their hard work and polishing their beauties with the passage of time.

Here Comes List Of Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Women In The World 2018;

10.Yuan Quan

Yuan Quan is a Chinese actress and singer, also known as Yolanda Yuan, got graduation degree from the Central Academy of Drama to be shining star in Chinese acting industry. She born on 16 October 1977, started her career working in film Rhapsody of Spring (1998), so against her brilliant initial act, earned the Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actress. However, she attained prominent attraction for all with her performance ‘Once Upon a Time in Shanghai’ (1998), even nominated for Best Actress at the Golden Rooster Award. Yuan Quan achieved the Best Actress trophy at the Beijing College Student Film Festival for her appearance in A Love of Blueness (2000), while Golden Rooster Award for her performance in Pretty Big Feet.


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9.Wang Likun

Wang Likun is also one of the most beautiful Chinese women, is a Chinese actress and dancer. She also known as Claudia Wang and became so popular for her performances in television series Seven Swordsmen (2006), Beauty’s Rival in Palace (2010), Beijing Youth (2012), Miss Assassin (2013), and other. She born on 22 March 1985 in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China, while well-known Chinese director Tsui Hark discovered her and casted her for television series Seven Swordsmen in 2004. Likun came out as most demanding Chinese star after playing three different characters in historical drama Beauty’s Rival in Palace (2010).


8.Jiang Qinqin

She is one of the most attractive actresses in the world, born in Chongqing, China, on 3 September 1975. Jiang Qinqin is a Chinese actress who frequently referred as Shui Ling that given by Taiwanese writer Chiung Yao, while remained part of production of the television series Tears in Heaven. Qinqin earned huge popularity playing a number of impressive characters small screen as Mu Nianci in The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2003) and Gu Manlu in Affair of Half a Lifetime (2003). Although her act in the historical drama Qiao’s Grand Courtyard made possible victory of her both the Audience’s Favorite Actress Awards and  Favorite TV Actress at the Golden Eagle TV Art Festival.


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7.Zhang Xinyu

Zhang made her acting debut with the historical drama Banner Hero, while she came out as the spokeswoman for a national contest of football babes for the 2010 World Cup in 2009. She didn’t take bit time to be famous because she is so honest with her work. Zhang Xinyu born in Kunshan, Jiangsu, China, on 28 March, 1987, although started her film career with first big screen venture If You Are the One 2 (2010). She attained more acclaimed by working in films as Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, and comedy film I Love Hong Kong 2012. She later on signed for wuxia television series The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, based on the Jin Yong’s novel by the same, as well in historical drama The Patriot Yue Fei.


6.Ma Yanli

Ma Yanli is not only actress, but also model, and a fashion designer, born on November 25, 1974 in Zhoukou City, Henan Province. No one thought about her entrance into the industry as she was a provincial-level rowing champion before that. Yanli quit professional sports to become a model and attained first position at the Shanghai International Fashion Model Contest in 1995, hence here started her journey to success. The 5’10” actress is also part of one of the most beautiful Chinese women list just because of her dazzling personality. Ma Yanli also showed her best skills in fashion designing field, even though owned label Mary Ma. Ma Yanli is considered one of the popular Chinese celebrities in the world.


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5.Wang Fei Fei

Wang Feifei officially has known as Fei, born on 27 April, 1987 in Haikou, Hainan, People’s Republic of China. She is a Chinese model, singer and actress, although remained member of South Korean girl group Miss A.  She had been attending Seoul Institute of the Arts that also known as Seoul Art College. Fei is also spotted on the Zhejiang TV on audition program The More She Dances the Prettier She Is, even remained associate with the project group and Chinese version of the Wonder Girls ‘Sisters’. She is now one of the rising stars in Chinese entertainment industry, while earned positive reviews for her two singles Fantasy and Always Be Here.


4.Victoria Song

Song Qian is a Chinese singer, dancer, actress, television anchor, author and model, born on 2 February, 1987. She also known as professionally as Victoria or Victoria Song, began her career as a member of South Korean girl group f(x) in September 2009. She achieved huge fame in 2010 becoming part of as part of We Got Married Season 2, either for her presence among cast of KBS’s Invincible Youth. However, Song Qian best known for her acts in several television series such as When Love Walked In (2012), Beautiful Secret (2015), Ice Fantasy (2016), A Life Time Love (2017) and the films My New Sassy Girl (2016) and My Best Friend’s Wedding (2016).


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3.Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing is a Chinese actress and singer who better known for her performance in Seventeen Years (1999). She was born on 27 February 1973 in Wuchang, Heilongjiang, China, although earned massive popularity for her roles several films such as in A World Without Thieves (2004), Waiting Alone (2005), The Knot (2006), The Forbidden Kingdom (2008) and other. Bingbing had also worked in Hollywood blockbusters as Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) and Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014). She has bagged Best Actress at the 46th Golden Horse Film Awards for role in The Message, in 2009. Bingbing formed her studio in 2010, and co-starred and co-produced the film 1911 along with Jackie Chan that was released in September 2011.


2.Zhang Zilin

Zhang Zilin is winner of Miss World 2007, is a Chinese signer, actress, beauty queen and fashion model. She born on March 22, 1984 in Weihai, Shandong, China, began her showbiz career with modeling and pageantry started in 2003. She there took part in a beauty pageant arranged by New Silk Road Modeling Agency. Due to low quantity of experience, came out among in the top 10 as first time participated in pageantry. She has also walked a number of ramps as well as Berlin and Paris. Zhang Zilin also tagged as one of the top ten professional supermodels during the Chinese Fashion and Culture Awards in 2006. She then jumped in Giorgio Armani’s 2007 Autumn/Winter Collection show in Paris and attained title of “Top Model of the Year.”


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1.Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing comes fit with all aspect to rule in list of most beautiful Chinese women, born in Qingdao, Shandong, China, while earned massive fame in East Asia in 1998–1999 with the TV series My Fair Princess. She then emerged in Cell Phone in 2003 that came out the highest-grossing Chinese film of the year as well attained huge praise at the Hundred Flowers Awards. Bingbing has worked many films but her appearances in Lost in Beijing (2007), Buddha Mountain (2011), Double Xposure (2012) and I Am Not Madame Bovary (2016) are considerable. She has bagged awards from Tokyo International Film Festival, Asian Film Awards, the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards and San Sebastián International Film Festival.


Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Women In The World 2018
Rank Most Beautiful Chinese Women
1 Fan Bingbing
2 Zhang Zilin
3 Li Bingbing
4 Victoria Song
5 Wang Fei Fei
6 Ma Yanli
7 Zhang Xinyu
8 Jiang Qinqin
9 Wang Likun
10 Yuan Quan

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