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Top 10 Most Deepest Lakes in the World 2019

There are hundreds of lakes all over the world but amongst them the most popular ones are the Deep lakes. These deep lakes are a great source of fascination for people all over the world primarily.

The cause of fascination is that these lakes are made by several natural causes like volcanic eruptions, various landslides and even earthquakes. These lakes are also associated with ancient myths and stories of harboring some monster like animal like The Loch ness monster and also discovering lost cities.

Other than these stories the lakes often prove to an amazing site for picnics because of the beauty and the clear water. Hoover most popularly people are in search of deep lakes for outdoor activities like Water sports, Sailing, Fishing and also for Wake boarding.

This list includes the Top 10 deepest lakes in the world 2019.

10: Lake Matano

Lake Matano is located in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is also known as Matana in the local language. It has a total depth of 590 meters and is also an important lake included in the Maili Lake systems. It is an important lake as it is a habitat for a variety of animals, unique plants and colourful fishes. An interesting thing about this lake is that it is almost at sea level with being only 382 meters above the sea level.


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9: Crater Lake

Crater Lake is a Caldera lake located in Western United States. It was created about 7,700 years ago by the eruption of the mighty volcano Mount Mazama collapsed. Over the years the lake formed by the slow melting of snow and accumulation of rain. Crater Laker has a total depth of about 594 meters making it one of the top 10 deepest lakes in the world. Due to its crystal clear water and the vibrant blue color it is a great spot for tourist and nature lovers.


8: Great Slave Lake

The Great Slave Lake is a beautiful lake in situated in Northern America. It was named as the Great Slave Lake by Samuel Hearne who was a great explorer. He named it after the slavery Indians who were living it the Canadian suburbs. It is extremely large with a total area of 27,200 kilometres which equals 10,502 square miles. An interesting fact about this lake is that it remains frozen from the late fall months until the early summer.It has a depth of 614 meters.


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7: Lake Issyk Kul

Lake Issyk Kul is a lake situated in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. It is located at a high altitude of 1607 meters making it unique and interesting. People often visit this lake for its mesmerising beauty as it is surrounding by beautiful snow-capped peaks and peaceful environment. However the most shocking fact about this lake is that despite the altitude it never freezes. It has a total depth of 66 meters. Although it is the 7th deepest lake in the world, it is also the 2nd largest lake.


6: Lake Malawi

The Lake Malawi is situated in Mozambique, Tanzania. It is also called Lake Nyasa. The northern shore of this lake extends to the two borders of Mozambique and Malawi.It has a total depth of 706 meters making it one of the top 10 deepest lakes in the world 2018. Due to its depth it contains about 2000 cu mi of freshwater. Another important fact about this lake is that it is a meromictic lake which literally translates to a lake in which the water levels do not mix up.


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5: O’Higgins-San Martin Lake

The O’Higgins-San Martin Lake lies in Patagonia which is the territory of Chile and Argentina both. Hence both the countries have different names for the lake. In Argentina it is called “Lago San Martin” whereas in Chile it is known as “Lago O’Higgins”. It has a huge shoreline that stretches over to 525 km with interesting finger like projections with quite a few flooded valleys in the the countries. The total depth if this mighty lake is of 836 meters.


4: Lake Vostok

The Lake Vostok of Antartica is one of the largest of the Sub Glacial Lakes in the world. The main reason for its name being Lake Vostok is because of a nearby station the Russian Vostok Station. The reason for this lake being so large is because it holds about 1300 cu mi of fresh water. An interesting thing about this lake is that it is black in color overall mainly because of the presence of high concentration of oxygen and nitrogen in the lake.It has a total depth of 1000 meters.


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3: Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea is a very important body of water that is located lying in Iran, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kzakhstan and Azerbaijan. This shows just how large this body of water really is.It lies between the Caucasus Mountains and the Central Asian Steppe. The Caspian Sea has a total depth of 1025 meters making it one of the top ten deepest lakes in the world. Another important thing about this lake is that it is a salt lake.Since it has no outflow source it is popular place for fishing.


2: Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika is a beautiful lake situated in the beautiful and diverse Africa. It is not a very wide lake and is located between Zambia, Burundi, Tanzania and the democratic republic of Congo which is located in northern Africa. This shows the importance of Lake Tanganyika. This beautiful lake also has a record of holding the 2nd largest volume of fresh water in the world. It is also the world’s second oldest and longest lake containing a variety of unique fishes.


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1: Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal which is also known as “Pearl of Serbia” is a famous lakes in Siberia, Russia. It is the deepest lake in the world with a total depth of 1642 meters. What is interesting about this lake is that it has a huge capacity of storing freshwater which of 20% unfrozen water. It is also of the oldest lakes in the world with the history of being created around 25 million years ago. It is the habitat of some very unique animals like the famous Baikal Seal.


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