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Top 10 Most Expensive Books In The World 2018

Books always beneficial for the people in all ways in other words books are considered best and amazing human friends also provide the knowledge for the relevant studies, culture history and lot of other things which people want to know.

Books represent the old history which are written by the wonderful authors or writers they write beautifully with lot of knowledge all historical books have unique and interesting facts, history, culture and other many things.

There are many historical books that are too much expensive amazingly price in million but these are best and useful now a day’s some of them have great demand but some interesting and famous books edition are rare and found in libraries also costly. Codex Leicester is top most expensive book n the world with the total worth about more than 30 million its really huge amount for only one book but more famous all over.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Books in the world 2018.

10.Gutenberg Bible (Price – $4,900,000)

Gutenberg Bible book is also known as the 42 line Bible, B42 or even the Mazarin Bible and it was printed by the Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz its very first book also considered as one of the most expensive book in the whole world with the total worth of $4.9 million. This great book won the award to its artistic diplomacy and philosophy quality it was written in Latin language everyone known about this book which is really wonderful that present the history. In 1847 it was bought by the James Lenox very first time this is best book ever written.

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9.Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies (Price – $6,100,000)

This book was published in London in 1623 by William Jaggard and Edward Blount which is also announced as most expensive book from the world also considered as most celebrated works in English literature the price of this oldest book is about $6.1 million dollars. This is also known as First Folio it consist of 630 pages in early modern English and has about twenty of the plays Shakespeare’s well known best writer in the world and his book gained lot of fame among the people now a days there are 233 copies of the First Folio, three of them grasp by the Ransom Center.

8.Canterbury Tales (Price – $7,500,000)

Another most famous book is Canterbury Tales that is declared as most expensive books in the world with the price of $7.5 million dollars which is written by author Geoffrey Chaucer in 1387. It has collection of 24 stories in Middle English during 1386 Chaucer became Controller of Customs and Justice of Peace then after three years he became Clerk of the King’s work in 1389 during these years he start writing on this most favorite book Canterbury Tales. This story about group of pilgrims and they travel with each another from London to Canterbury with competition and also visit the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket.

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7.The Birds of America (Price – $11,500,000)

This world most famous book was written by the John James Audubon and published in 1827-1838 in Edinburgh and London this book gained lot of fame and popularity due to its freshness of thought and writing style that this world book provide the real life accounts of the six birds ( Carolina parakeet, passenger pigeon, Labrador duck, great auk, Eskimo curlew, and pinnated grouse)have also included drawings that makes it even more different from other famous books. Due to best written books it is declared as one of the costly book in the world with the price of $11.5 million dollars.

6.Gospels of Henry the Lion (Price – $11,700,000)

This is best historical book and most popular among the people of world its beautifully design or intended by the Henry the Lion and Duke of Saxony, due to altar of the Virgin Mary in church. Blaise’s Abbey, Brunswick, also famous as Brunswick Cathedral. This is very interesting according to facts and history also declared as most expensive books in the whole world the total worth of this book wonderful book is about more than $11 million it consist of 266 pages very first time it was sold by the auction in December 1983 at Sotheby’s in London.

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5.Rothschild Prayer Book (Price – $13,600,000)

Rothschild Prayer Book is really wonderful and stunning piece of art by more than one artist they compiled this world famous book with great commitment and seriousness during 1500 to 1520. It is precious Flemish illuminated manuscript book of hours in the year 1999 this was sold out with the record amount for an illuminated manuscript and then sold in 2014 by the Australian businessman Kerry Stokes from Christie’s New York he served to the National Library of Australia. This unique book is considered as most expensive book in the whole world.

4.Bay Psalm Book (Price – $14,165,000)

This book was very first book which is printed in British North America in 1640 in Cambridge, Massachusetts it is very interesting and precious in the way of history one of the eleven copies of this book was sold with the huge amount of $14.2 million and made record in printing sold books it was purchased by American businessman and philanthropist David Rubenstein. The third edition published in 1651 was wide revised by Henry Dunster and Richard with the name of Lyon the Psalms, hymns and spiritual, Bay Psalm Book is most famous edition with high charges.

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3.St Cuthbert or Stonyhurst Gospel (Price – $14,300,000)

With the worth of more than 14 million US dollar St Cuthbert or Stonyhurst Gospel book is considered as most expensive books in the world it was written in Latin in 8th century and consist of just 138 pages and famous as smallest surviving Anglo-Saxon manuscripts. The earliest existence entire European book and one of the most significant books in the whole world during 2015 new book on the gospel was published that force the history of 7th and 8th century. This pocket version book gained name or fame from the Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, this book displayed by the British Library’s in exhibition that will be held in autumn 2018.

2.Magna Carta (exemplar) (Price – $21,300,000)

This book was created in 1215 by the John, King of England, his barons and Stephen Langton this book located in British Library and the cathedrals of Lincoln and Salisbury it also most expensive book in the world price declared as more than 21 million US dollars. Magna Carta means that the great charta purpose of this was Peace treaty but at the start it was unsuccessful attempt to gain peace between royalist and rebel factions this is unique book and popular around the globe as expensive book and has great demand now a day’s along with huge amount.

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1.Codex Leicester (Price – $30,802,500)

Codex Leicester is declared as one of the most expensive book in the world with the cost of more than 30 million US dollars also known as the Codex Hammer that has been written by Leonardo Da Vinci. This is really amazing book that written about by writer collection of scientific writings it consist of 70 pages and it was published in 1510 this is very famous book all over the world. 11 November 1994 from New York City it was sold to Bill Gates at Christie’s auction house with the price of $30,802,500 that made the record in book selling history.

Top 10 Most Expensive Books In The World 2018
Rank Most Expensive Books Price
1 Codex Leicester $30.802.500
2 Magna Carta $21.300.000
3 St Cuthbert or Stonyhurst Gospel $14.300.000
4 Bay Psalm Book $14.165.000
5 Rothschild Prayer Book $13.600.000
6 Gospels of Henry the Lion $11.700.000
7 The Birds of America $11.500.000
8 Canterbury Tales $7.500.000
9 Shakespeare’s Comedies Histories & Tragedies $6.100.000
10 Gutenberg Bible $4.900.000

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