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Top 10 Most Expensive Fish In The World 2018

To see the nature’s beauty, one must see the fishes which are found in different kinds in all over the world, experts say that by seeing the fishes eyes get the satisfaction as they are unique production of God, these are bought by big malls as well as by many hospitals to attract the people because these are known as the one of the most attractive natural animals.

While some of their kinds are to be found in very small numbers, some people take the fish to their homes because for their own happiness as they give the such a pleasing time to their owners by their smart and charm looks.

There are many kinds of fishes which are very beautiful in the world, to rank them according to their worth is a very difficult task because every type of fish has its own worth, some fish have an attractive grace while here is the list of top ten most expensive fish in the world.

So Here Is The List Of Top 10 Most Expensive Fish In The World 2018

10.Candy Basslet

In the list of top ten most expensive fish in the world, Candy Basslet is considered as one of the most valuable fish as its worth is about $1500 in market, it is known as one of five species of Liopropoma as these occur in the tropical Atlantic Ocean while this kind of worthy fish is found in the Caribbean sea as well as in some of the smaller islands off the northern coast of South America, its beauty attracts the people towards it, from the larger family of sea basses, groupers and reef basslets it is a part but known as one of the most expensive fish in the world.


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9.Clarion Angelfish

One of the most expensive fish Clarion Angelfish is to be found in one of the beautiful islands off Mexico’s Pacific coast which is found in Revillagigedo while these are found in large quantity in the Clipperton Island, this type of worthy fish has to placed at 9th position because of its beauty, it is multicolor fish which is considered as most valuable in the market while its cost is about $3000 which makes it one of the most expensive and to judge its formations and genes this fish was kept in custody for 40 years by the scientists.


8.Wrought Iron Butterflyfish

Wrought Iron Butterflyfish is known as one of the most expensive fish in the world as its worth is approximately $3500, it is found in the western Pacific ocean near central and southern Japan while according to the reports that this type of beautiful fish can grow upto 6 inches, some numbers of these precious small beauties are found in the North America which have been purchased by Asian collectors who are very fond of collecting rare fish, these have a beautiful body shape and the color of these gorgeous fish is dusky grayish black.

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7.Australian Flathead Perch

The ultra rare fish Flathead Perch is known as one of the most expensive fish in the world because of their available limited quantity, so this is the reason that this kind of fish is considered as ultra expensive, these are found in the Australian waters, more of their need in eating because these kinds are very delicious which are found under the rock shelters, it’s worth in market is about $6000 and Flathead Perch is placed at 7th position in the list of most expensive fish in world because of its exceptional beauty.


6.Neptune Grouper

The multicolor fish is most valuable in the market, Neptune Grouper is considered as one of the most beautiful fish in the world as well as it is very expensive, it is available in limited quantity but can be accessible and collector should pay about $7000 to get it, these are ranked as 6th most expensive fish in top ten list in world while this is found in deep waters as range of their existence is from about 260 ft to 800 feet and divers face many difficulties to acquire these as well as they found these in sufficient shallow waters.


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5.Golden Basslet

Golden Basslet is one of the family members of fish Grouper which is very expensive as the worth of this expensive fish is $9000, this is the reason that Basslet is considered as one of the most valuable fish in the world as it is placed at 5th position in top ten list, it is found in the deep sea, so divers face very difficulties to get them, these are perfect to take them in a auction while in custody this small beauty is shy and the price of such golden magnificence is very high.


4.Bladefin Basslet

In the list of top ten most expensive fish in the world, Bladefin Basslet is the one which has been placed at 4th position as considered as one of the most beautiful as well as most expensive fish in the world, this kind of fish is mostly found in the sea of Caribbean which is found different colors which vary from white to vivid orange, the fond of collecting fish pay very high price to acquire it because it is so expensive due to its shortage while its price is about $11,000 and the size of this smart fish is about 1.5 inches.


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3.Peppermint Angelfish

The small Peppermint Angelfish can grow up to 7cm, it is found in the ropical reefs while it is situated in sea depths between 53 and 120 m, its numbers are very short in the world which is the reason that these are known as one of the most beautiful fish in market, it is placed at 3rd number in top ten list due to its gorgeous beauty and high price while collectors pay a damn too high price to get it as it can access for $33000 and the beautiful fish with white and red stripes are very rare in world.


2.Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray

Polka Dot Stingray is also known as the Xingu River ray or white-blotched river stingray, the species is found in the Potamotrygonidae family while these are present in the rocky bottoms mostly in Xingu River which is based in Brazil, this type of fish is placed at 2nd number in list due to its highest price in world as collectors can access this type for $110,000, according to the experts that this contain the exceptional transformation of genes as its head looks like U shaped and currently it is found in Taiwan as considered in the list of aquarium fish.


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1.Platinum Arowana

Platinum Arowana is considered as most expensive fish in this world, people who are fond of beautiful fish they can pay thousands of dollars to get this kind because it has smart beauty and gorgeous shape which attract everyone, it was taken into custody while a small ID chip was installed in this to see the sexual development while its beautiful color is due to its genetic mutation as experts say, there are other rare kinds of this Arowana species like  Green Arowana, Red Arowana, Silver Arowana, Black Arowana, Australian Pearl Arowana and Yellow-Tail Arowana  while the price of most expensive fish is $430,000.


Top 10 Most Expensive Fish In The World 2018
Rank Most Expensive Fish
1 Platinum Arowana
2 Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray
3 Peppermint Angelfish
4 Bladefin Basslet
5 Golden Basslet
6 Neptune Grouper
7 Australian Flathead Perch
8 Wrought Iron Butterflyfish
9 Clarion Angelfish
10 Candy Basslet

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