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Top 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in the World 2018

Horses are the mirror of nature beauty, many people have a great passion for horses, these known as lovely beasts while people care them as well as train them which show their love with horses, it is fact that humans have a good relationship with the horses if they train them accurately and efficiently.

Since the last 4000 years, many generations used these animals for their own purposes which make them more precious in the eyes of those people who have the passion to get that horses which are less in numbers as compared to others in the world while these natural beauties make the home more beautiful when there is presence of horses in lawn.

Horse riding is one of the beautiful habits in the world, people who have enough resources as well as time, they buy the these creatures to spend a quality time by riding and here is the list of top ten most expensive breeds of horses in world.

So Here IS The List Of Top 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in the World 2018

10.Gypsy Vanner

Gypsy Vanner is a horse which is found in British Isles, this breed is also known as domestic horse which is famous for its names as Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Horse or Gypsy Vanner, this is a horse which is considered as one of the most famous in the world because of its less numbers with respect of its breed types, it is usually connected to the people of Pavee and Romani which used this horse to travel toward British as well as to Ireland and it is amongst the famous breeds in the world which are very precious in world.


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9.Shetland pony

In the list of top ten most expensive breeds of horses in the world, the Shetland Pony is considered as one of the most expensive breeds in the world because of its small size as well as due to its beauty while these are referred to the Shetland Isles, this type of pony has the minimum height about 28 inches but its maximum height is equal to approximately 42 inches while these are famous for their small size, heavy coats and their intelligence, these are use for the riding, driving, as well as for the purposes of pack and this type of breed is available at the cost of about $2000.



The American horse Appaloosa is considered as one of the most famous horse breeds in the world because of its scarcity in universe, the spotted coat pattern of the horse makes it more prominent in the eyes of the watcher as it give more importance while as well as its striped hooves, mottled skin and white sclera which are very clear visible on its body and according to a study its cover spotted shape is the cause of interest for many people who are studying the equine coat color genetics and its price is about $3000.


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Mustang is placed at the 7th position in the list of most expensive horse breeds in the world, this type of breed is very famous for their super powers while these are known as free-roaming horses because to train them it is a very difficult task for someone, it was took in Americas a long time ago by the Spanish while with the passage of time these are going more precious because of their scarcity in world, the wild horses are being used by the warriors in the war and these are found in the west of America.


6.American Paint Horse

The American Paint Horses are such type of breed which are famous in the world because of their power, the breed is considered as one of the most expensive in world because these have the characteristics of western stock horse with a pinto spotting pattern of white as well as dark coat colors which are known as conformational characteristics, these are developed from the bloodlines of the Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred; the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) breed registry deal with this type of breed which is one of the largest organization in North America.


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The Friesian is a breed of horse which is known as one of the most expensive in the world while it is originated from Friesland, it is also known as Belgian Black which is mostly found in United Kingdom, it is a breed which is most expensive because these are going less in quantity with the passage of time, these are also known as War horses because in early ages this breed was used in the wars by the warriors due to their extreme power and the black houses have the maximum height about 15 to 17 hands.


4.Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is known as one of the most famous horse breeds in the world as well as they are available in high prices due to their characteristics and scarcity, these horses are used for the small distance races like quarter mile or less while some breeds of this type horses can run up to with speed 55 mph, this is the most popular in America and American Quarter Horse Association is the famous registry since 2014 which has the more than 3 million living American Quarter Horses and these have well-muscled powerful body.


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The Morgan Horse is a breed which is known as one of the earliest breeds that are developed in the United States, due to its exceptional characteristics it is considered as one of the most important breeds in world while that characteristics are Compact, muscular but refined build, expressive head and well arched neck; while it is said that this breed has maximum height about 57 to 62 inches, it is in use from 19th century as for the purposes of harness racing, as cavalry horses, as coach horses and a US Morgan Horse Farm was built to improve the breeds in 1979 by US Department of Agriculture.



The Thoroughbred is a breed which is famous in all over the world because of its racing capabilities, this word is also used for those horses that are considered as angry horse while Thoroughbred is also known as “hot-blooded” horses, there are many distinguishing features of such a breed while some are like Tall, slim, athletic horse, used for racing and many equestrian sports which makes breed more prominent in the eyes of people, a huge number of this breed exist and according to estimates around 100,000 foals have been registered worldwide while its price is about $ 89,259.


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1.Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse is most expensive breed in the world because of its special distinguishing features like head shape and high tail carriage, it is found in Arabian Peninsula, according to archaeological evidence that this breed is the ne of the oldest in the history of horses in Middle East, there are many causes that makes it more expensive like Finely chiseled bone structure, concave profile, arched neck, comparatively level croup and high-carried tail, such type of breed has the height approximately 57 to 61 inches, these are found in different colors like Bay, black, chestnut, or gray and according to estimates its average price in international market is about $1,00,000.


Top 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in the World 2018
Rank Most Expensive Horse Breeds
1 Arabian Horse
2 Thoroughbred
3 Morgan
4 Quarter Horse
5 Friesian
6 American Paint Horse
7 Mustang
8 Appaloosa
9 Shetland pony
10 Gypsy Vanner

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