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Top 10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes In The World 2018

Nike is one of the most popular brands in the world which provides the shoes, apparels and sports material, the formation of the company was based in 1964 under the name Blue Ribbon Sports. Later in 1971 the company name was changed to Nike Inc. which is now known as most famous company in shoes market.

There are many companies or brands which are producing the best materials related to shoes but some are known as best because of their best quality. Nike is considered as largest supplier of the sports apparels in the world which is cause of its extreme popularity.

Design, development and manufacturing of shoes, apparels and sports accessories are the main reasons of the Brand’s popularity in the world market and the brand has occupied some latest developed technology to make the quality better. The top 10 most expensive Nike shoes are listed here.

So Here Is The List Of Top 10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes In The World 2018

10.Michael Jordan Shoes ($4 million)

When we talk about the expensive shoes of brand Nike, then the name which comes in mind is Michael Jordan Shoes because it is made with fine materials which make it better. The reason of its high cost is legendary Michael Jordan because he used this Nike Product in his games during playing and he is considered as greatest basketball player of all time. In 80’s era he was asked to create his own shoes under his name during his peak time and he created shoes after accepting the offer which is now considered most expensive.


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9.Rory Mcilroy Shoes ($6 million)

Sometimes things become more expensive because of linked with the high profile personalities as in this case, the four times world champion and one of the greatest golfer in all time, Rory Mcilroy created this kind of Nike shoe. Due to Rory name the price of this product has gone on peak which makes it now most desirable shoes in the world. These beautiful shoes are designed with great care as well as with best type of materials and wonderful shoes have highest price which is about $6 million.


8.Tiger Woods Shoes ($10 Million)

Tiger Wood is considered as one of the greatest golfers of all time because of his work in the field and due to his name which is attached with Nike shoes, his product is one of the most popular. Though his place is captured by Rory but still he is honored with good memories and the legendry shoes has the highest cost which is not available in common shops because of its million dollar price. Eldrick Tont Tiger Woods was once highest paid athlete and his Nike shoes are available in customized colors which give the wonderful look.


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7.Lebron James Shoes ($12 Million)

Lebron James is a professional American basketball player who has earned a big name in his career and he is known as one of the greatest basketball players in the world at this time. The legendary player plays for Cleveland Cavaliers of NBA which is the cause of his recognition worldwide and the beautiful Nike Shoes is known very expensive because of his name. The basketball shoes are lovely and have the beautiful design which gives the fantastic look to shoe. The expensive shoes are made with best materials and fans love with it.


6.Rafael Nadal ($15 Million)

Rafael Nadal is one of the best Tennis players in all time that currently ranked world No. 1 and he is also known as greatest clay-court player in history. His shoes which are made by Nike brand are most popular in the world due to which its cost is damn too high which is about $15 million. He is the inspiration of the company and this shoe is specially designed for him as giving honor to the legendary player. The Nike shoe is another fashion design which enhances the ability of playing and it has beautiful design.


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5.Derek Jeter ($16 Million)

Derek Jeter is known as one of the best American retired professional baseball shortstop of all time; Nike especially created shoes for him which is now considered as most expensive. The current chief executive officer has earned a well known name in his career and he used the Nike shoes during his playtime which enhance his ability to play well. This shoe is available in different colors as well as in many designs but its quality is so well which differentiate it with others and fans are in love with this shoe because of 5 time champion Derek.


4.Maria Sharapova ($18 million)

The  Russian professional tennis player Maria Sharapova is one of the best players in the world and as her name is linked with her Nike shoes, so that are known most popular. She is ranked as world No.1 because of her achievements in the field and the most stylish shoe has a damn too high cost which is about $18 million. The shoe are available in many colors and its design is very elegant as well as very attractive which is the reason that her fans are also fond of her shoe which are not available in every shop.


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3.Kobe Bryant ($20 Million)

Kobe Bryant is an American retired professional basketball player who is considered one of the greatest players in all time and he spent his 20-year playing career with the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. His Nike shoes are very elegant which are most stylish in top 10 list and its cost is damn too high which makes it most famous in market while through a dynamic campaign his pair of shoe are promoted every year. This stylish expensive pair has given the name under the name of 38 year old Los Angeles Lakers player.


2.Kevin Durant ($21 Million)

There are many shoes of Nike brand which are known as costly but the shoe under the name of famous basketball player Kevin Durant is most expensive and available at online stores of Nike. The highly customized shoe is available in different sizes as well as different colors are available in the market and that all can be selected by paying a huge amount. The one of the best player in current time is played for Oklahoma City Thunder of NBA and his most stylish shoe gives comfort to him which enhances his ability.


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1.Roger Federer ($23 million)

The Swiss professional tennis player Roger Federer is one of the greatest players of all time in history and his Nike brand shoe is known most expensive in top 10 list. Company took the inspiration from the legendary player and the name is given under name great athlete Roger Federer which is the cause of its high cost. The stylish shoes are available in normal shops but only some specific shops have these too expensive pairs which are available in different styles that appeal the fans and the colors as well as its design are very attractive.


Top 10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes In The World 2018
Rank Expensive Nike Shoes Price
1 Roger Federer $23 million
2 Kevin Durant $21 Million
3 Kobe Bryant $20 Million
4 Maria Sharapova $18 million
5 Derek Jeter $16 Million
6 Rafael Nadal $15 Million
7 Lebron James Shoes $12 Million
8 Tiger Woods Shoes $10 Million
9 Rory Mcilroy Shoes $6 million
10 Michael Jordan Shoes $4 million

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