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Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Card In The World 2018

In the start of these games, the beginning cards were made by the Wizards in 1999 in United States, games are for the entertainment of the people are work all of the day and when they want to some quality time then they play the games to spent their free time.

Games are mostly famous in between children while some old age people are also interested, there are several types of games available in the market through which one can spent his good time and games can be action, horrible, adventure, racing and many of types.

There are different companies which are very famous in order to developing good games, in the list of games, Pokemon cards are the games which are known as one of the most played in world, Pokemon card is known as a collectible card game which is based on the Pokémon video game series and it was first time published in Japan.

So Here Is The List Of Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Card In The World 2018

10.Pokemon Full Art EX Cards

Pokemon Full Art EX Cards are known as one of the most expensive Pokemon cards in the world as it has sold in a big quantity as well as it has received positive reviews from the entertainers who enjoyed a lot by playing with cards while the full art cards are an artwork variant of cards  which are available in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, first time in Japan these cards were introduced in market I Black & White expansion, there are different cards of this type who have earned a lot money like Mew EX and the Lugia EX cards have sold for $26 and the Diox EX card available for $37.


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9.Pokemon Gold Star Cards

In the list of most expensive Pokemon cards in the world, the Pokemon Gold Star cards are considered as one of the most expensive because these have captured the attraction of public, the Japanese people are mad for these types of cards because these are very rare, there is a limited quantity available in market of gold star cards which are based on Pokemon game series, there are many different types of Gold Star Pokemon cards which are provided by the company while the most expensive cards are ranged from $ 30 to $ 80 and according to estimates the type Venus rated can be sold for $150 in market.


8.Pokémon Shining Cards

These are the types of the Pokémon Trading Card Game while Shining cards show the color variation in the Pokemon which are known as Basic Pokemon, these have earned a lot of money, these cards are very famous because of their characteristics rarity and use of multiple Energy-type attacks while there is one rule which bound these cards that in deck only 1 Shining Pokemon can be used, there are different types of cards which are separated from each other by mean of their legal and illegal use in expanded format and the mint version can be sold up to $150.


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7.Southern Islands Card Set

Southern Islands Card Set are considered as one of the most rare cards in the world as well as these are available in high cost, to the special type of Pokemon Trading cards, the Southern Islands name is given, first time these was introduced in two promo folders in the second Pokémon movie while in these folders each has the 9 cards per set, later the set was increased while after successful released the English version had released which won many hearts, the rainbow and tropical islands which are available for $ 150 and these are placed in seventh position in most expensive list.


6.Charizard First Edition

There are different Trading cards available that are very rare in the market but Charizard First Edition are known as one of the most rare Pokemon cards in the world, these are also named as “trade please” promotional campaign card, the price of the cards depend upon their score, as it is said that if the card has score 9 or high then it will be sold for more than $300, the Edition cards are of different types which have received the positive reviews and according to reports that under mint conditions the First Edition card can be sold for $700.


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5.Snap Cards

Snap cards are considered as one of the most expensive Pokemon cars in world while these are founded on the base of Pokémon Snap 64 DD Nintendo game which was released in 1999 while the promotion activities were there to take the snapshots and the winners print their work as well as they admit the business cards, according o estimates the payments of snap cards are minimum 11,000 pounds, the goal of these cards that one must win all the cards, the 52-card pack is used in a standard pack and these have sold in high payment which is reason that Snap cards are considered one of the most rare cards in world.


4.Tropical Mega Battle 2001

Tropical Mega Battle is about the TCG tournament that took place between 1999 through 2001.Every year at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu, Hawaii while now this is known as one of the most expensive Pokemon cards in world, according to report, about 50 players have to be taking the part in this part and the players belong to Canada, Latin America, Europe, the United States, and Japan while now this has become the trend of Pokemon cards, one can buy up to $ 10,000 under the mint conditions and the minimum rate for its selling is about $ 5,000.


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3.Pre-Release Raichu Cards

Raichu cards are known as one of the most expensive Pokemon cards in world as it can be sold in highest place, these are placed on third place because of its characteristics, Raichu cards are also known as is a Lightning-type Stage 1 Pokémon card, there are different types of the cards while it first time released in Japanese Expansion Pack while this was included in the Base set while later into the Base Set 2 expansion, according to the Wizards of the Coast that some of these cards have eight copies, there are only 10 to 15 cards worldwide are available which have value more than $ 10,000.


2.Numbers 1, 2, 3 Trainer Cards

The trainer cards are one of the popular types that are found in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, these are considered as one of the rarest Pokemon cards in the world, these are combination of two, one is Pokemon card which is used to make the attacks and other is Energy cards which empower the attacks on the others, the trainer cards provide many opportunities as they allow a player to search through their deck, draw cards, or other special effect and with the passage of one year it provide the opportunity to get the chance in next year championship.


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1.Pikachu Illustrator Cards

Pokemon Illustrator is a trainer card which is placed at first position in most expensive Pokemon cards in world, the first time it was sold in 1998 while in recent days on eBay this card sold for $1 million which is a highest payment paid, there are the four kinds of the Pikachu Illustrator cards available in world and this is the reason that these are known as most expensive, these were released by the Japan and given name as the holy grail of Pokémon; the cards that are not under mint state has to be sold for $ 50,000 and unclassified cards have the value about for $20,000.


Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Card In The World 2018
Rank Most Expensive Pokemon Card
1 Pikachu Illustrator Cards
2 Numbers 1.2.3 Trainer Cards
3 Pre-Release Raichu Cards
4 Tropical Mega Battle 2001
5 Snap Cards
6 Charizard First Edition
7 Southern Islands Card Set
8 Pokémon Shining Cards
9 Pokemon Gold Star Cards
10 Pokemon Full Art EX Cards

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