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Top 10 Most Expensive Real Estate In The World 2018

Real estate means that land property buildings with the natural recourses also means that buying selling renting of the building and housing market where people live and spend life.  Everyone wants to live in luxuries life from beautiful and well developed countries or cities than they choose best places and houses for this purpose they always spend huge amount of money.

In this world now its became difficult for the common person to purchase the real estate as they want due  to extra amount of money some cities real estate prices reached from the top where just reached richest and wealthiest people. Many countries considered as most expensive cities from the globe in all ways and get lot of benefits from the natural resources but with skyscrapers prices especially for the housing market of the expensive cities or real estate prices greatly increasing from these cities.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Real Estate in the world 2018.

10.New York

New York City also considered as most expensive real estate in the world where living standard so high and expensive they charged huge amount of money for the houses that difficult to afford for everyone. This developed country is most expensive everyday commodities are also very expensive as compare to other most developed cities they have well stable economy which increase with every passing day. New York property and building found in million or billion this City is home to some of the residence and the globe most valuable real estate but most developed country as well.

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The price of everyday products in Seoul is reached at highest level in the whole world property and housing market also very expensive in other words out of range for the common residence. It is world largest city with the stable economy due to beautiful city it attracts the many people from the globe and considered as famous for the visitors point of view in this industry they are generating high amount also most competitive city with highest growth rate it has world largest and greatest technology. This wonder city is currently declared as one of the expensive real estate in the world.


During  2009, Geneva was declared as one of the fourth most expensive city in the world  according to Global Financial Centers Index  its declared as world’s ninth most important financial centre for competitiveness. It is best and famous city for the high living standard but most expensive city in the real estate property and other commodities prices are so high which are not affordable for everyone. This city is well developed and organized in all ways but day by day efficiency more increase and making the city more developed and well settled.

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One of the most amazing beautiful and wonderful city during 2015 it was declared as very expensive for living or housing market according to Economist Intelligence Unit, was considered as the world’s second most expensive city it is joined among the most expensive European cities by  Oslo, Zürich, Geneva and Copnhagen also great impact on the economy of this most beautiful country. Tourists also increase the economy of this world most expensive real estate, only rich and wealthy people afford this city real estate prices that’s so high.


London is most populated city of United Kingdom and very popular all around the world in all ways with rich culture and living standard and considered as best in all fields such as the Best in all fields like educational institute, hospital, entertainment industry, new advanced technology, visiting industry, shipping or transportation, economy, business and other lot of relating industries. They are provide the housing market with huge amount of money many people want to buy real estate but can’t afford due to skyscrapers prices of property. The amount of housing market increase every year with double digit during 2006 to 2016 almost 84% increases.

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This is also China city where real estate prices so high in other world real estate prices increase almost 40% in this year this is very populated city of China but considered as global financial center. There are many places that attract the people from world museums and historic building skyscrapers building which are very expensive attract by lot of people which are also beneficial for the economy of this city. It is fastest growing city in the whole world also considered as the most expensive city to live in China, according to report of economist Intelligence Unit during 2017.


It’s Chinese famous city with lot of population but very attractive and wonderful country but declared as most expensive real estate in the whole world with mostly home price in Beijing is about $5,820 per square meter this survey done by the Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. With the passage of time Beijing housing market raised greatly in 2016 almost 24% houses prices increase said by National Bureau of Statisticsof China. This is very beautiful city that attracts the visitors every year and enhance the economy of this most expensive city in the world.

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This is very beautiful country that attracts the millions of people all around the world and everybody want to live in this wonderful country that is why in this country housing market reached at peak. Singapore is a world famous country in case of commerce, finance and transport hub it has strong economy also considered as 3rd highst GDP per capita they provide luxury and high standard life with lot of facilities they are good in  educaton, healthcare, life expectancy, quality of life, personal safety, and housing but real estate so costly in this beautiful country as compare to other beautiful countries.


Mumbai is the financial capital of India with 12 million population who living in this city and lot of dreaming to own a home here demand very high so it’s declared as another one of the most expensive real estate all over the world another reason is that its place of Bollywood. The houses precious financial organizations like the Reserve Bank of India, the Bombay Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange of India, the SEBI and the corporate headquarters of different Indian companies and multinaional organizations. This city offer and provide high living standard but charged really huge price.

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1.Hong Kong

Hong Kong declared as Most Expensive Real Estate in the world this is very beautiful place but property prices so high which are not easily affordable the average price per square foot about $11000. According to the annual Demographia International Housing Affordability report Hong Kong declared as most expensive for the housing property from last seven years. This is so populated country where property demand so high and government also generate great amount due to expensive real estate from the world. Hong Kong also famous for the visitor’s point of view that is beneficial for the economy of this country.

Top 10 Most Expensive Real Estate In The World 2018
Rank Most Expensive Real Estate
1 Hong Kong
2 Mumbai
3 Singapore
4 Beijing
5 Shanghai
6 London
7 Paris
8 Geneva
9 Seoul
10 New York

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