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Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians In The World 2018

The politician leaders play crucial role in the development of the country, the system depends upon the leaders while every politician is not a leader of the nation because some works for their own mean but there are number of political leaders in the world which are considered as those who work for the welfare of the public.

Some politicians on the social media as well as on the television are very important which are known as the powerful politicians, many countries have such leaders who are considered as the recognition for the people.

It is said that every leader is a politician but every politician is not the leader, and some countries have such politicians which have very important role in the development of the country. If we discuss American then Barack is the man whose name comes to mind and here we will discuss the top ten powerful politicians in the world.

So Here Is The List Of Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians In The World 2018

10.Dilma Rousseff (Brazil)

Dilma Vana Rousseff is considered as the one of the most powerful politicians in the world as she is the Brazilian economist as well as a former Prime Minister of the country from 2011 to August 2016, she was removed from the post in August while she is known as the first democratically-elected female president in the world who is removed as well as replaced, Dilma also known as first Brazilian president woman ever in history, she became popular in the world as she ran campaigns for the welfare of the common man in the country and she has a crucial role in the development of country.


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9.Hillary Clinton (USA)

In the list of the most powerful politicians in the world, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton has achieved the position, she is the woman who is considered as the First Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001, many of times she remained the part of the parliament, Clinton fought for the welfare of the public many times in the parliament as well as also on the roads, in 2016 she lost the election against the president Donald Trump with a very small margin and Hillary was also the 67th United States Secretary of State.


8.Angela Merkel (Germany)

The German politician Angela Dorothea Merkel is serving as Chancellor of Germany since 2005 as well as she is the leader of the centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) since 2000, due to her contribution I the country progress Angela is considered as one of the most powerful leaders in the world as well as one of the most powerful women, she is very popular for her name as de facto leader of the European Union, she was President of the European Council in 2007 while worked for her voters and now has the name in the list of top ten powerful politicians.


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7.Narendra Modi (India)

The Indian current Prime Minister Narendra Modi is considered as one of the most powerful man in the world, he is the man who built his value on his own way, he took the control of office in 2014 as the 14th Prime Minister of India, from 2001 to 2014 Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014 while he remained the part of the parliament for Varanasi, he is the member of Hindu nationalist party Bharatiya Janata Party as well as the party of the right-wing Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and his government is known as one of the most powerful governments ever in India.


6.David Cameron (United Kingdom)

The former Prime minister of British David William Donald Cameron is known as one of the most powerful politicians in the world, he is one of the most prominent leaders in this universe while he became popular as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2010 to 2016 while for Witney from 2001 to 2016 he was the member of Parliament, David fought many times for the welfare of the people which is the cause of his votes which are more than any other and he is placed in the list of top ten most powerful politicians.


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5.Manuel Valls (France)

Manuel Carlos Valls Galfetti is known as one of the most powerful leaders in the world due to his social as well as economical policies, the French politician is a big name in the world as he was the Prime Minister of France from 2014 until 2016 as well as he was the Minister of the Interior from 2012 to 2014, Valls was also a member of the Socialist Party, he was also the nominee for the 2017 presidential election but he has lost the election during second round and still he is considered as crucial leader of country.


4.Donald Trump (USA)

Donald Trump is the current president of the United States while he is considered as one of the powerful man in the world as he is the high command of America, he is famous in all over the world due to his policies nationally as well as on international level policies, he took the office on January 20, 2017 while before coming to politics he was a well known television star as well as a big businessman in the America and in 2016 he did a very impressive election campaign and he succeed to win the election against the powerful politician Hillary Clinton.


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3.Vladimir Putin (Russia)

The Russian President Vladimir is known as one of the most powerful leaders in the world as he is the amongst the strongest persons of this universe, he took the charge of office in 7 May 2012 while earlier he was selected for the President position from 2000 to 2008 as well as Putin was the Prime Minister from 1999 to 2000 later again from 2008 to 2012, many of times he remained the member of parliament, due to his crucial role in the development of country, he is known as one of the most famous politicians in the world.


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2.Xi Jinping (China)

Xi Jinping is the most powerful leader in the world as he is placed on the top position in the list of most powerful politicians in the universe, he is currently working or serving as President of the People’s Republic of China as well as General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, the powerful man is the Chairman of the Central Military Commission while in 2016 he was given the name as China’s “paramount leader”, due to his hard struggle the country China raised economically while it has one of the most powerful economies in the world and Xi Jinping is the real leader of country.


1.Imran Khan (Pakistan)

If someone want to know about the list of most powerful leaders or politicians in the world, the name which came in seconds into mind and that is Imran Khan who is the former cricketer star while he is now the most powerful politician in the world 2018, his journey in politics has very ups and down but due to hard struggle he has such position that Pakistan recognition without his name is incomplete because he fought for the rights of the people of country on every parliament and on every stage and now he is the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf which is a strong opposition in Pakistan.


Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians In The World 2018
Rank Most Powerful Politicians Country
1 Imran Khan Pakistan
2 Xi Jinping China
3 Vladimir Putin Russia
4 Donald Trump USA
5 Manuel Valls France
6 David Cameron United Kingdom
7 Narendra Modi India
8 Angela Merkel Germany
9 Hillary Clinton USA
10 Dilma Rousseff Brazil
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  1. Gohar Rafiq says:

    Where is tayyip erdogan??

  2. Eric An says:

    this is not a world view. only in european or british view. who is those european leaders? who is this pakistani you are insisting he is famous in the world?.Kim jong eun’s friend?

    • kamran says:

      Imran Khan is certainly the most powerful and influential person

    • Ahmed Bilal says:

      You look much obsessed with Pakistan. Anyways use “Ice”. Hopefully you ‘ll feel better. If world do not recognize your leader or politician than you people really need to work hard rather pointing fingers on others’ struggle. World know and recognize this Pakistan leader Imran Khan is as more famous than Xi Jinping.

    • Atif Baig says:


    • Junaid says:

      Imran khan is the most tough guy the world has ever seen.. He is the warrior, inspiration to millions,, the Man the legend the visionary..
      Imran khan ❤️

    • Malik says:

      Bro he is Imran Khan who fought for the rights of people and put behind the bars all corrupt politicians including ex prime minister of Pakistan. He is powerful because no one has power to put hands on corrupt politician and He(imran khan) did it.

    • aamir shahzad says:

      Imran Khan is top of the list and he is real man and powerful leader you should accept, if not we don’t care about it, one another thing we are friend of china but Imran Khan is most famous personality then kim jong he is great leader.

  3. Zain says:

    Imran Khan is literally the most powerful and honest political leader of the current era. What a visionary leader.

  4. Usama says:

    My leader Great Imran Khan

  5. umar says:

    imran khan did not became pm even for shortest period of time.Then how he can became most powerful around the world on 2nd position.

    • Abbasi says:

      you seems a Patwari with No mind but having Biryani in your mind also with No sense of thinking . its not your fault dude. come on and wake up

    • Ammar says:

      We talking about politician not prime Minister

      • aamir shahzad says:

        yes you are right and soon on IN SHA ALLAH he will be the most powerful Prime minister as well
        Imran Khan is such a great leader he was alone and he just pulled out the corrupt mafia by endorsing his all efforts.

    • Yasir Jadoon says:

      its not the list of powerful prime ministers, its about the powerful politicians, & imran khan is politician from 22 years.

  6. Shaheen Iqbal says:

    What is the criteria which shows that these are the most powerful polticians ?? Is there any scale for measuring their powers ?

  7. younus khan says:


  8. younus khan says:

    power full political in the world

  9. Nasir Waheed says:

    Imran is most certainly heads the list of indecisive political leader. His politics shows that he is incapable of taking any decisions. He criticises the same projects and then tries to implement in his Province and fails. He inducts rapists in his party with fanfare and then throws him out. In fact he is known as an Imature Immi

  10. lo says:

    seriously …why is imran khan in this list …powerful my foot …how can you call a leader powerful if he can’t build or do anything for Pakistan. All he knows is how to block roads and do long speeches that only result in the inconvenience for the citizens.

    • Mian Haris Ahmad says:

      This list is based upon those that have went through vicious campaigns in order to prove their points and visions and bring about change. As such, a opposition leader who not only brought a corrupt family into a ” CIVIL ” court rather than military, having him deposed, count as incapable of governing and then bringing the rightful justice of his current jail in a country such as Pakistan is no less then a miracle. As such, He is proclaimed the most powerful politician in the World, who, without power, did something those in power have never done in the history of Pakistan.

      TL;DR, Jahil patwari, marjao.

    • Anwar hayat. says:

      Imran is Imran.

      i love u khan.
      patwario ab kesa guzrega 5 sal.

  11. Ch says:

    Imran khan

  12. M.ALI says:


  13. talha ali yousha says:

    imran khan our great leader proud of our khan

  14. talha ali yousha says:

    imran khan the one and only our great leader

  15. Junaid says:

    Imran khan is the most tough guy the world has ever seen.. He is the warrior, inspiration to millions,, the Man the legend the visionary..
    Imran khan ❤️

  16. Eisha says:

    Why you mentioned so many things Imran Khan done for people. Tell us what he has done for people.

  17. sunny shahrukh says:

    Imran is the best politician in the Pakistan..

  18. AbdulSalam says:

    Imran khan ✌

  19. Faisal says:

    This is a fake list how can you decide about these persons imran khan famous in pakistan U TURN KHAN He is not a powerful leader in pakistan and you are talking about word shamefull to you for this kind of fake information

  20. Jason says:

    This list is absolutely ignorant. How is Imran Khan anywhere on this list? He was unable to win elections in his own country let alone having absolutely any political influence outside Pakistan.

    Seems like a poor attempt at supporting his political campaign.

  21. pinoy says:

    I like pakistan but how this survey make imran khan as number one. I dont see any influence by him in international politics. He dont have any known law or policy submitted in his government. His country is still full of corrupt politicians. And he has no any influence in most asian countries. Sorry but its a fraud. I ask all pakistani to vote imran khan and let him prove to you all his influence as powerful politician

  22. Mohd says:

    Imran Khan the most powerful politician in the world is a BIG joke. Everyone knows that in Pakistan the military is the most powerful and no Pakistani politician can ignore them.

  23. Ahmad says:

    Our great leader Imran khan is going to become the president of Pakistan. ANd Tayyip Erdogan is also the most powerful leader plz add them into your list.

  24. Anubhav says:

    Pakistan is terrorist

    • Ali says:

      india is a country where a butcher and fundamentalist modi who killed thousands of muslims in gujrat can become prime minister

  25. javed says:

    Imran Khan is The most powerful politician in on the planet. Because he destroyed the two current party system in Pakistan, which was ruling for more 50 years in Pakistan. Imran Khan is now the prime minister of Pakistan

  26. Rizwan Khan says:

    oooooh no! Guys you are going to compare Living legend of current era with politicians. o come on guys Sir. IMRAN KHAN is not politician, Sir. IMRAN KHAN is a leader and will lead Pakistan onward on such track, where Pakistan should be….
    and one thing more, those days are not far where our own oversees Pakistanis would come back to Pakistan so to work here for Pakistan brightness in the form of Labor, in the form of Engineer or may be a driver. Those oversees compel themselves to come back to Pakistan just due to the positive impact of long live vision of Sir. IMRAN KHAN for Pakistan and his own Pakistanis.
    May Almighty Allah blessed you long life Sir. IMRAN KHAN.

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