Published On: Mon, Dec 24th, 2018

Top 5 Things To Do In Nagpur

Nagpur is well known as the winter capital of Maharashtra and is quite popular for its oranges. The city has claimed its position in the history and has served as a nodal point for many kingdoms, in a row. This smart city and the second capital of Maharashtra has its own unique culture, tradition, customs and hence, claims its own position distinct from the rest of the cities in the state. Though the city proffers a lot to its visitors, yet, here are the top five things that you must never miss whilst in Nagpur:

  1. Delightful experience at Dwarka water park:

You would always want your vacations and trips to be exciting as ever and create some unforgettable memories to keep for a lifetime. You are definitely at the right place. Dwarka Water Park Nagpur is one of the largest and best amusement water parks in the city. With numerous rides, water slides, body slides, swimming pools, games, activities and amazing places to eat, this water park fulfils all the wishes of fun lovers. A must visit place to lessen your body temperature and lose all the stress built up in your daily life. The water park is all set to let you splash to your heart’s delight.

  • Peace of Buddhism at Deeksha Bhoomi:

A sacred architectural edifice of Navayana Buddhism, this place has a religious significance for Buddhism and is one of the greatest pilgrimages for the Buddhists. After B. R. Ambedkar converted his religion into Buddhism, a stupa, the largest in Asia, has been constructed to commemorate the instance. Deeksha Bhoomi, as the word suggests, is a place where you promise to devote your entire life to the divine and merge your soul and entity with Him. The surroundings of the entire compound will leave a serene impression on your mind and soul.

  • Pray to your heart’s content at Adasa Ganpati Temple:

Adasa is a tiny village located near Nagpur, has an ancient and significant temple devoted to Lord Ganpati. The entire temple complex sprawls over a large area and is one among the Ashta Vinayak temples in the country. The Ganesha idol is believed to have self-evolved and has not been carved by man. The complex has about more than 20 temples in its premise. A small hill located nearby the temple has three temple houses devoted to Lord Shiva, where in the Shiva Lingas have emerged out of the own from beneath the ground. The divinity of the area is calming and the beauty mesmerizing.

  • Lush green stretch at Lake Garden Sakkardara:

If you wish to spend a pleasant, calm and composed day and find ultimate peace from nature, then Lake Sakkardara is a perfect choice. Ranked as an excellent place to hang out, the park is really blessed by Mother Nature. The cool breeze as you sit beside the lake on the lush green stretched meadow will make you forget all your worries. The melodious songs of the birds from the trees along with the rustle of the leaves will make you feel like being casted in some kind of poem or a picture, absolutely virtual and not in the real world. This place demands a visit while in Nagpur.

  • Visit the oldest city temple at Ramtek Fort Temple:

A divine and blessed place with picturesque scenery all around; sounds wonderful isn’t it? Ramtek Fort Temple in Nagpur is such a place which will make you believe that God must have descended on the Earth through this heavenly gateway. A temple is built inside the fort, and claims to be the oldest temple in the city. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama and has borrowed the architectural style of Bhonsle dynasty. A lake in the premises adds up to the beauty of the fort. The place is beyond description by words and must be experienced.

Nagpur has a lot more places that one can explore, but make sure that these above mentioned points do not skip the list. For more details, you may log in to

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