Published On: Sat, Jul 14th, 2018

Top Key Points Of The Tumultuous Hearing With Peter Strzok

The FBI agent, Peter Strzok whose anti-government messages gave birth to many suspicions, confronted the House Republicans on Thursday at a harsh and tumultuous hearing in which he warded off the attacks by defending his activities.


The famed hearing lasted for almost 10 hours and was a charged and shambolic event. The FBI agent dealt with the ferocious grilling of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees.

The event contained repeated outbursts and fierce confrontations between the legislators. Occasionally, there were various agitated and deeply personal conversations between Strzok and the committee officials.

The Republicans questioned Strzok harshly about the messages he sent to former FBI agent Lisa Page, with whom he had an extra marriage affair, which also caused his dismissal from Robert Muller’s team. They also stated that his text messages were the evidence that he was to pursue Donald Trump.

Thursday’s hearing is said to be the most frantic one in recent times. The lawmakers took 90 minutes to complete even the first question for Strzok.

There were not sufficient seats for the legislators who wanted to question the FBI agent. Throughout the hearing, lawmakers wrangled with each other, hollering and screaming over one another.

On the claim of Goodlatte, that he was appearing under subpoena, Strzok denied it by saying that he was there voluntarily.

In the midst of the hearing, questions to Strzok turned personal when Republican Louie Gohmert asked him that how he would have looked into his wife’s eyes and lied about Lisa Page. This sparked an outrage amongst the Democrats as they called it ‘harassing the witness’.

Strzok occasionally hit back at the Republican’s accusations that his conversation with Lisa Page over texts indicated that he was partial and prejudiced in the FBI.

He was also not cautious to acknowledge his non-positive personal opinion of President Donald Trump.

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