Published On: Mon, Jul 23rd, 2018

Toronto: another deadly shooting attack in district of Greektown

Yesterday a Gunman opened fire suddenly in a busy street of Toronto’s Greektown district. The incident caused a death of a young woman and 13 injured people. According to police one of the victims is in critical condition.

Toronto another deadly shooting attack in district of Greektown

The critically injured victim is a 9 years old girl residing in Greektown district of Toronto. The gunman was gunned down in exchange of shots.

According to Canada Globe and mail Newspaper sources, the incident took place in Sunday evening on the Danforth Avenue while the streets were packed with people.

According to police officials, the motive behind this shooting incident which was specifically targeted at two cafes and a restaurant is still unclear.

The video clip of the shooting incident reveals a white man in dark cap and dark clothing suddenly stopping in the street and took out a shotgun from his bag, started firing at people.

Few of the victims were treated tight on the scene while others had to be rushed at hospitals.

Mayor of Toronto, John Troy condemned this attack as a “Despicable Act” on people enjoying the Sunday evening in peace.

Gun violence incidents are usually a rarity in Canada as compared to its US bordering states. However in the past few years there has been a significant increase in the gun violence in region of Toronto.

A shooting incident earlier this month already compelled Mayor Tory to have more policemen patrolling the streets.

According to Globe and Mail sources, the side of the attack was from the Piazza which has a fountain where people were already busy spending their time.

The shooting caused many people to be hurt in a café named Demetres whereas others were hurt on street.

An eye witness, Andrew Mantzios told reporters that he was standing near the piazza with his friend drinking coffee when he heard the shots. He turned to look and saw the gunman coming towards his group. The gunman who had horrible expressions on his face started shooting at people who were waiting to cross the street.  A lady tied to run and fell down. Gunman shot her two or three times at blank point range.

Mayor Tory told reports that the problem is that the firearms are too much easily available for public.

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