Published On: Mon, Dec 11th, 2017

Trump Announcement: Israel Hit Gaza Military Post After Rocket Fire From Protesters

Israeli airforce hit the Gaza military posts on Friday in reaction of Palestine’s rocket fire, protestors are burning the fires on the roads against the declaration of US president Donald Trump as Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and as well they are throwing stones near the border fence with Gaza.


Israeli jets used the airstrikes to give the response of rocket fire that was fired on army on Friday.The protesters are throwing the stones as well as burning the tires on the roads near the border fence with Gaza and they protest against the declaration of Trump that Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel.

Many Muslim leaders in the world are strongly condemning this America’s act, people of Palestine are on the roads to show their anger on this announcement.

The country is under threat of battle between the civilians and army of Israel which is now putting their force into the Jerusalem which is the important part of faith for Muslims.

The clashes between Israeli army and Palestine protestors have started while hundreds of people have injured in these conflicts.

While it is reported that at least two protestors have been killed by the military in Jerusalem and Israeli military is making their feet strong in Jerusalem by sending more troops.

According to the reports that one rocket was fired toward the southern Israeli city of Sderot while no casualties were reported.

In response of this attack Israeli hit the Gaza with airstrikes and the situation of peace has gone to worse condition.

Muslim leaders from other countries have recorded their protests against the Donald Trump’s announcement as US embassy will be moved to Jerusalem by declaring the Israel’s capital and this hurt a lot to Muslims.

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