Published On: Sat, Jul 21st, 2018

Trump has no right for questioning patriotism of NFL players

President Trump has been known for lecturing US citizen about American patriotism but unfortunately this was not a week to do so.

Trump has no right for questioning patriotism of NFL players

Trump tried to divert the attention of masses on his leaked tape about paying off a Playboy Model whom he had allegedly slept with, he once gain jeered at the NFL players on Friday night. He called on to NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell and ordered him to kick out any player from the game who kneels when the national anthem plays or suspend him if they do it again.

Trump considers himself to be an autocrat just like Vladimir Putin, the one person he admires too much. The very same person is the reason for the hacking of US electoral process.

However to Trump, the morals and constitution of America means very little. If he had any respect to these, Trump would come to know that this protest is never about the American flag instead it is about the racial and economic discrimination that is tearing this country apart. Trump is only increasing this discrimination divide with every chance he can get his hands on.

New York Giants Co-Owner, Steve Tisch told interviewers from The Hollywood Reporters that, “Trump as no idea as to why these players are taking a knee or protesting”.

NFL on their made a huge mistake by sating another rule that players can stay in the locker room when the national anthem plays but if they are on the field they have to stand up. Players who protest will be fined by NFL.

There had been only few players who have protested during this season.

NFL officials were terrified that Trump would make a big deal out of this before midterm elections but unfortunately for them he is already attacking the NFL because they did not listen to his orders.

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