Published On: Fri, Jun 29th, 2018

Trump Is Likely To Bring Up Russian Election Meddling During Putin Summit 18’

The summit between U.S and Russia is set to take place on July 16th, next month and the Presidents of the both countries will meet in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.


This will be the first official summit between Putin and Trump, where both leaders will discuss a range of topics, from national security to Russian meddling in the Presidential Election of 2016.

The world watches nervously as the Trump Putin Summit nears day by day and since President Trump is unpredictable in his behaviour, majority of critics and experts are loosing sleep on what exactly will happen during this meeting.

However, all platforms are united in their thinking that Trump will definitely bring up the claimed Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016, which he believed were rigged to support Hilary Clinton.

Although, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have met each other on some other occasions previously but only in the presence of different leaders the world, as a result this becomes their first official meeting.

The President of United State is likely to draw a lot of criticism from the nation as well the experts from the country, if he doesn’t handle the summit carefully.

A little while before the official announcement, President Trump tweeted about Russia’s persistence to claim it had nothing to do with US Presidential election.

Nevertheless, the critics predict that Trump is likely to bring up the subject again when the summit starts, while some critics are admonishing Trump for trying to curie favors from the Russian leader.

Other topics that are worth talking about during this summit arethe militaryexercises along Russian borders and the annexation of Crimea, including other things the leaders should talk to each other about resolving.

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