Published On: Thu, Apr 5th, 2018

Trump Orders National Guard To Mexican Border

On Wednesday, the President of United States Donald Trump has ordered the National Guard to station to southern border of America, putting huge stress on Mexico and moving ahead to halt illegal immigration.


The latest border advance by United States president occurred the same day as a convoy of Central American migrants whose march crossways Mexico had annoyed Donald Trump, while the move also threw out their highly exposed plans to attempt to step in the country illegally.

US president quoted in a presidential memorandum, it is time to stop the lawlessness that has been occurring since a long time at our southern border, is actually against the safety, dominion of the American people, and security.

He added saying the move is on way to control the circumstances at the border has now accessed a point of crisis. Trump also added saying its administration has no other choice at this stage.

Kirstjen Nielsen, US Homeland Security Secretary has previously explained the US president had talked deeply with the Department of Homeland Security and the Pentagon to halt the lawlessness on the US-Mexico border, as well to made decision, how we should deploy National Guard forces to help Border Patrol agents.

However, the sudden action comes out at what time the lawmakers are out on Easter break, follows President of United States taking to Twitter to protest against ‘ridiculous liberal’ laws of border.

Trump’s administration has also warned the Mexican authorities to stop caravan of immigrants as well as threatening to cut the North American Free Trade Agreement if they showed more resistance.

On other side, Caravan leaders mentioned on 4 April, a large part of the group or approximately 80 percent, would remain in Mexico at this time, where establishment engages to work with individual families and migrants to achieve momentary documents.

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