Published On: Sat, May 12th, 2018

Trump Signs New Travel Ban, US Imposes Travel Ban On Pak Officials, Families

The travel restrictions have been started from Friday on Pakistani diplomats at its embassy in the Islamic Republic and other consulate offices throughout America.


The State Department has expanded the ban on officials as well as their instant members of the family.

Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry who is Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, has released confirmation of the travel ban cover two-tier officials station in the America bringing visa categories of A1, and A2.

And also the members of their families, as well as children. Although more than 250 Pakistani persons, while it affects by this ban.

The administration of United States of America talked to the Asian nation’s government previous month that its officers operating within the United States might face restrictions in their travel movement if similar limitations on American diplomats in Pakistan weren’t alleviated up.

The State Department’s warning contains Pakistani diplomatic personnel to make a statement about five days forward the American authorities had to travel beyond 25 miles.

The warning additionally demonstrates if the officers don’t hear back from the America authorities at intervals 5 days, their request ought to be thought of as denied. Aizaz Chaudhry further said during this length each country debated a mechanism to handle the problem.

The mechanism couldn’t mature, per that a degree officer from every sides was to figure closely to tackle any complaints.

The talks apparently unsuccessful and each side couldn’t notice a typical ground, deed the projected mechanism within the air.

Aizaz also additionally hinted that such restrictions would not solely suppress the link further, on the other hand might also compel Asian nation to require reciprocal steps.

Though the restrictions were reversible, nevertheless each nation has to be compelled to determine their variations as early as doable.

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  1. Jonhhrt says:

    Please correct your information about Nawaz Sharif he has not been proved guilty sc has not found any evidence against him bbcnewshub should go to Pakistan and check it out. Please don’t spread false news.

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