Published On: Sat, Mar 17th, 2018

Trump To Drive Out National Security Advisor HR McMaster

The Washington Post reported on 13 March, the United States president Donald Trump is on way to throw out National Security Advisor HR McMaster, continues latest custom to sack high-profile figure from White House.


Although, American daily newspaper also penned that US president is in conversations to make possible replacements of McMaster, while wants to take some time to go ahead as doesn’t want to hurt a state army officer, although seems possess a successor ready.

However, there were no changes carried out at the National Security Council, a response that avoided the subject of whether any were being decided, spokesperson for White House, Sarah Sanders took her Twitter to share the news.

She also added that Gen. H.R. McMaster and Trump, both have pleasant relationship, though some disturbance is reported among the other high-profile officials in White House until McMaster had a promotion to four-star position.

On other side, also reported that United States president doesn’t have aim to hurt to McMaster that what we did see when he took away secretary of state Rex Tillerson two days ago, Took Twitter to share an advance.

One of the top officials told media that Trump didn’t give any reason to Tillerson for his unexpected removal, was announced suddenly via Twitter, even he didn’t talk to the United States president over his strict, painful decision.

The removal of former energy executive came out about more than a week after Gary Cohn’s quit, a top economic advisor from Trump’s office, during protest against US president’s verdict to levy tariffs on imported aluminum and steel.

Trump drove out first national security advisor Michael Flynn previous year who continued his position just for22 days under US president governance, also another removal of chief strategist Steve Bannon we have seen, remained active for seven months in his post, as well as Reince Priebus, former White House Chief of Staff who performed his duties for less than six.

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