Published On: Thu, Dec 7th, 2017

Trump Tower Meeting: Trump Jr. Won’t Tell About Conversations To Investigators As Lawmaker Says

According to the lawmakers that Trump Jr. has refused to tell about the conversations with his father Donald Trump about Trump tower meeting with Russian attorney general in 2016 and citing attorney-client privilege to avoid questions on Wednesday.


The ranking member of committee Rep. Adam Schiff has said on Wednesday that Trump Jr. made the conversations with his dad about the Tower meeting.

When he met with Russian Lawmaker in 2016 and now he denied telling the investigators about this talk with Donald Trump as lawmaker spoke after session.

Trump Jr. is the son of US president Donald Trump, some serious allegations were put on him as like he met with Russian lawyer during the 2016 election while in this meeting in 2016.

He said to attorney to help them to win the election and this has damaged the reputation of Trump family.

Trump family as well as some members is under the investigation that Russian attorney helped them to win the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton while they have denied these reports while some email has leaked of Jr. in which it is confirmed that he met in Trump Tower with Russian attorney.

He called on attorney-client privilege and refused to tell the conversations in an investigation session on Wednesday because attorneys were present there when he and his dad Donald Trump did a conversation about meeting with Attorney in 2016.

The Texas Republican leading the committee’s Russia investigation Rep. Mike Conaway said that many questions were asked to Trump Jr. in investigations session on Wednesday while most of them were answered.

About his Russian attorney meeting conversation with US president who is his dad, he refused to state the talks in front of investigators because attorneys were present at that time during conversations.

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