Published On: Mon, Jul 23rd, 2018

Trump tweets to Iran with explosive threats

Trump tweets to Iran with explosive threats

In recent Trump Tweets, President Donald Trump has threatened Iran that if Iran makes any threats to security of US, there will be unspecific yet dire consequences.

As his tweet say,


This waning tweet was made on Sunday night.

This angry tweet was a result of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani’s words that the US war with Tehran is going to be the “Mother of All Wars”.

The words that further ignited the fury of trump were the direct comments to Trump saying that,

“do not play with lion’s tailor soon you will regret it forever”.

Concluding his comments, Rouhani said that there can be peaceful relationship possibility in between Iran and US.

The tweet was posted after Trump came from his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey. His angry tweet was directed at Rouhani with word like

“We are no longer a county that will stand for your demented words of Violence & Death”.

The language even by Trump’s temperament and standards was every harsh.

The ISNA News Agency of Iran reported the comments of a senior officer of Iranian Revolutionary Guards comments on this tweet. The official commented by saying that these remarks are a trick of “Psychological warfare”.

On Sunday evening the US Secretary, Mike Pompeo in a blistering speech called Iranian government to be linked with mafia. These people are only enriching themselves and promoting terrorism at the expense of ordinary Iranian citizens.

Although Trump had threatened North Korean leader Kim Jung Un many times with his harsh language but still many of the Middle Eastern countries are surprised at these particular remarks.

Trump joined the oval office with a vow to cancel the Obama negotiate nuclear deal of 2015 with Iran. This caused Iran to curtail its uranium capacity and prevented it from developing Nuclear weapons.


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