Published On: Wed, Dec 6th, 2017

Trump’s Plan To Make Jerusalem Capital And Move US Embassy As White House Confirms

The White House officials confirmed the news on Wednesday that United States President Donald Trump is planning to make the Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and State Department will move US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


Trump is planned to change the Israeli capital as Jerusalem will be there, now senior white House official has confirmed the news of changing the capital on Wednesday that he is planning to do so while there will be no change in boundaries of country which will left up for both Israelis and the Palestinians.

United States embassies are exist all over around to world to keep the better international affairs while in recent days a new was leaked that American president is planning to declare the new capital of Israel and it will be very beneficial for the country as well as for their sustain power.

Senior White House official told on Wednesday that to change the capital of Israel is a recognition of capital as the country’s whole power is based on the Jerusalem where political stability exist and it will be magnificent for the country.

In his campaign, Trump has said that he will move the United State Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem while now it looks like that he is fulfilling his promise as he is planning to doing this.

According to the official that US is doing this because all seat power of Israel is in the Jerusalem from about seven decades.

According to the administration of Donald Trump that they are very determined to maintain the peace in Mideast while it is a step to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem as confirmed on Wednesday and behind the scenes much progress has been made as he said.

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