Published On: Tue, Mar 6th, 2018

Turkey Launched Crackdown Against Islamic State, Us Embassy Closes

Turkish authorities have begun a crackdown on the Islamic State extremist group on 5 March, as well enlarged its security in Ankara just after the US embassy officials’ decision to close it for a day.


On other side, the Ankara prosecutor told media that security officials have arrested 12 suspects after attaining 20 arrest warrants as part of an operation against Islamist militants, local news Turkish news agencies informed.

The Turkish security forces have taken into custody those suspects are foreigners who were on way to join the one of the most dangerous Islamist organizations in Middle East, while these were in connection with those in “conflict zones”.

Although US-led military operations have shown impressive results that have been launched against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Even militants had to run away from those locations where they had taken complete hold. However, the militants are still ruling over some areas in Syria.

Therefore, the United States embassy made public that it would be closed on 5 March because of some security reasons, while they didn’t announce more details yet.

Turkish government had taken further security steps as the United State’s source gave some information to Turkish intelligence about some possible terror attacks against the US embassy and where the Americans are living in Turkey, Ankara governor’s office told media reporters.

Americans are forbidden to attend any large crowd even to stay at their residences, while the United States embassy is located in capital of Turkey as well near to parliament.

Nevertheless, the US embassy had targeted by a far-left organization, carried out a suicide bombing in 2013 that shot dead a Turkish security guard.

Turkey had experience a number of terror attacks in 2015 and 2016, although one more in 2017 was believed to be occurred by Kurdish militants and Islamic State, however a large number of people have lost their lives in these incidents.

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