Published On: Tue, Aug 7th, 2018

Turkey prolongs the ban on Eurovision Song Contest, labels it as unsuitable for kids

ANKARA: Turkey will be carrying on with its ban on the Eurovision Song Contest provided that the show’s content is improper for the kids, Turkish broadcasting unit head stated Saturday.

Turkey prolongs the ban on Eurovision Song Contest, labels it as unsuitable for kids

Turkey, the country whose megastars were a stronghold of the yearly song competition in the past, has not been a part of the contest since the year 2012, apparently due to disagreement on voting system. But mainly, for Turkey, the issue is headed by ethical worries, as the state broadcasting head Ibrahim Eren revealed on Saturday.

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However, voting system is a major concern even now, according to him. He also mentioned that they are not considering participating in the singing contest at this point in time.

Speaking to Anadolu news group, Eren stated that as being a community broadcaster, they couldn’t televise the show live at 9:00 pm at night as it is the time when most of the children are sitting in front of the television sets.

He also mentioned that they couldn’t show a bearded Austrian wearing a kilt and claiming not to have a gender, who says

‘I am a man and a woman both at a same time’.

The broadcasting head was clearly referring to the Austrian queen Conchita Wurst, who is the winner of the 2014 competition.

Eren also made a case that Turkey’s standpoint was diminished by other countries. He said that the mindset is muddle here and as soon as it is set right, they will definitely revisit the Eurovision contest.

The reviewers have strongly condemned the eerie Islamisation in Turkey especially under the rule of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan even though the authorities refuse that this is the matter.

When the state-owned TRT withdrew from the international singing contest, it also criticised the present Big 5 ruling, which claims that England, Spain, France, Italy and Germany are promised a spot in the final.


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