Published On: Thu, Dec 21st, 2017

Two Arrested, Many Injured After Car Hit The Melbourne Outside Flinders Street Station

A car plowed into the Christmas shoppers in Melbourne, Australia while after accident two people have been arrested on Thursday, dozens of people have injured as in results of pedestrians hit by a car which is called by police as deliberate act.


Two people have been arrested after an accident when a car hit the pedestrians outside the Flinders Street station in Melbourne where a huge number of people were gathered.

Many of them have injured while police has captured the driver on Thursday and the car was hit just after 4.30 p.m. local time.

The police has arrived on the exact point where the car was hit to the crowd due to which many people have injured which are transferred to nearby hospitals.

While the police officials called this accident a deliberate act which occurred on Thursday in a busy road outside the Flinders street station in Melbourne at evening.

According to the Victoria Police spokesman Comm. Russell Barrett that the investigation has started but to decide what the main motive behind this accident is.

A too early estimation which is not correct way and the police are in search of witnesses and officers are called them for the clear reports as people calling it a crime scene.

Flinders Street is known as one of the busiest pedestrian roads in Melbourne, which has a train station nearby as well as a bustling city center while all of the day the road is crowded with computer and shopper purchasers.

The spokesperson told to reporters that many of the injured people are in serious condition while the Victoria ambulance reported that about fourteen people have transferred to hospitals, the investigation has started and in results two persons have been arrested.

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