Published On: Wed, Jul 18th, 2018

UK can become the home for Great White Sharks in future

Experts have made predictions that it is only a matter of time when Coastal Waters of Great Britain and Ireland will become the home for Great White Sharks.

UK can become the home for Great White Sharks in future

As a result of seas warming up due to climate changes, sea creatures that usually do not venture that far in northern areas are being attracted towards the attractive climate regions of UK and Ireland.

Sharks are particularly moving towards the waters of UK because most of their delicious preys reside here in abundance.

Great White Sharks have been found to inhabit most of the world seas. They have been found residing in the waters of Mediterranean, pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. There are also claims that they are already in waters of UK. One report was a sighting at the shores of Portsmouth. However this sighting is yet to be confirmed.

Whatever the case may be today, experts are of the view that in upcoming 30 years, UK waters will have a large number of these Great White Sharks.

To an interview to Sun, a shark expert from the University of South Hampton named Dr Ken Collins told that, if you take the Great White Sharks from cold waters of South Africa they are bound to be here in waters of UK”.

He further stated,

“Greta White Sharks are in the Mediterranean Sea and it isn’t too far from here. There is no reason that they should not be spotted here too. They are likely to be in the coast of Cornwall which houses abundance of Seals, a favorite prey of Great White Shark. It will not take more than one degree of temperature change for these White Sharks to come here”.

In addition to Great White Sharks, experts have predicted that here could be pother sharks like hammerheads, black tips and tiger sharks can also migrate towards coastal waters of UK.


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