Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2018

UK Police Urges Military To Help In Russia Spy Attack Investigation

United Kingdom police has urged military to help in probe a nerve agent assault on an ex-Russian double agent as rumors increased on Friday regarding how London could act in response if a state actor were to charge with.


On the other hand, UK police has enlarged its security as well as installed barriers around the modest suburban residence of Sergei Skripal in Salisbury.

The calm city in southwestern England where he and his daughter Yulia were discovered in bad condition or slumping on a bench on 25 February.

However, these both face lifeless condition but secure, although Nick Bailey is one of the first police officers on the sight, is now talking and sitting up after being treated in medical center to serious care.

The Chief Constable for Wiltshire Police, Kier Pritchard told media that about 21 people have taken care.

Pritchard also added that some of those have been treated well under serious attention of medical officials; even blood tests were also occurred.

A huge pressure is increasing by the authorities to uncover those faces who are source of the nerve agent acted against the Skripal, 66, turned United Kingdom in 2010 associating spy swap, though political leader has attained warning of an attack by Russia.

While police also wounded in this assault, while PM Theresa May undergoes intense pressure towards authorities to launch rapid action to discover and punish those who are behind the scene.

It needs to add British authorities’ quick and solid participation as a British citizen, especially a policeman, also became part of the incident.

United Kingdom’s counter-terrorism police is carrying out the probe of that case, made public on 8 March that they have urged the military to help to take away several automobiles and objects from the location.

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