Published On: Wed, Aug 30th, 2017

UN Condemns The North Korean Missile Flew Over Japan, Pyongyang Warns For More

United Nations condemns the missiles launch over the Japan by North Korea that was made on Tuesday morning while the UN Security Council didn’t take any action and they ordered to Pyongyang to stop the nuclear program as well as missiles development.

After firing the intercontinental ballistic missile on Tuesday that flew over the Japan, it indicates the real threat to the region, UN slammed the reckless action that is taken by the Pyongyang.

Security council ordered to stop the nuclear development and now Donald Trump has said after the incident that whole world has came to know about the real face of North Korea.

North Korea issued a statement through news agency that this fired missiles is in the response of US and South Korean military drills that is going on its way on South.

The tensions have increased, its look like that first step for the war has to be taken by the Pyongyang and now may be US will give a response to the country in shape of attack.

Earlier this month, the supreme leader has said that North Korea will use the missiles to make attack on Guam Pacific which is under control of US military while US defense minister has said that Pyongyang will face the hard results in shape of the destruction of their people, if they tried to attack.

KCNA news agency of North Korea issued a statement of President Kim that the missiles will come more and more as the drills between South and US will go forward, the attacks will depend upon no of exercise held by US with South.

Pyongyang has warned to fire the four ballistic missiles to Guam after the statement of US defense minister that North Korea will face the fire and fury situation while now UN has slammed the Pyongyang on firing the missile over the Japan.

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