Published On: Thu, Dec 21st, 2017

UN Members Over Jerusalem Vote: Trump Warns To Cut Down The Aid Of Voters

US president Donald Trump threatened to the countries who will vote against the America’s decision to calling the Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and he said that United States will cut down the financial aid of the voters in UN resolution against them.


The billions of dollars U.S. foreign aid could be cut down for the countries who will vote in United Nations security assembly for to withdraw the US decision over recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

American president Donald Trump has warned the countries on Wednesday by calling to cut down financial aid for them.

In recent week, United States called the Jerusalem as the capital of Israel which has spread the clash threats in different regions of world,

It announced by the American president that city has become the power of Israeli government seat and it must be the capital of them while US embassy will be moved to there as announced by American spokesperson.

During a cabinet meeting with US officials on Wednesday, it is announced that United States will see the votes at United Nations general assembly on Thursday while if countries gave against America decision then President Donald Trump will cut down the financial aid of voter countries.

There are many countries which are against the recognition of US as they called the Jerusalem the capital of Israel while they have recorded their protests against this decision, countries like Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and many others will give the votes against this call at UN general assembly as hopes so.

Donald Trump threatened the voter countries that if they give the vote against the US decision at UN assembly then billions of dollars financial aid will be cut down by America.

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