Published On: Wed, Feb 28th, 2018

UN Report Reveals North Korean Supplies To Syria For Chemical Weapons

According to intelligence information referring a confidential United Nations report, North Korean has sent 50 tons of supplies to Syria that could be utilized in manufacturing of lethal chemical weapons.


With that said, the strong clues of North Korean connection to Syria emerges as United States including other nations have blamed the Western Asian country has been using dangerous explosives on civilians.

As well as latest attacks on inhabitants in the Damascus town of eastern Ghouta, believes to be composed of chlorine gas.

The United Nations investigators’ account demonstrates that North Korea authorities have been shipping all what required in construction of deadliest weapons as well as valves, thermometers and acid-resistant tiles.

We also have learnt from latest reports from a panel of experts that North Korea had also sent its own missile technicians to work along with Syrian persons those who are part of the scheme.

Even though some officials have also assured those have also appeared working at known chemical weapons  together with Syrians.

The reports from panel of experts, also revealed that it clearly indicates possible danger as trading between Syria and North Korea is occurring without any hurdle that gives permission Syria to carry on its manufacturing of chemical weapons, even they will be paid with cash for nuclear missile programs.

The international experts have also been reviewing the issue, so added saying previous unreported shipments from North Korea to Syrian between 2012 and 2017 of banned ballistic missile parts and materials that could be utilized in attacks on civilians as well military purposes.

The panel of experts contains eight experts who all belong to several nations and owners of specific skills in regions like maritime transport, weapons of mass devastation and custom controls.

The panel had attained permission from the Security Council to look into likely sanctions violations by North Korea and now more involvement have been discovered according to latest report.

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