Published On: Wed, Sep 12th, 2018

UN Secretary General; Climate is changing rapidly than we are

Antonio Guterres; UN Secretary General said that if the world doe not changes its course of action by 2020, we are at risk of runaway climate change.

UN Secretary General; Climate is changing rapidly than we are

Mr. Guterres also said that he is shocked at the paralysis of all the world’s leaders at this most pressing issue of our times.

He is wishing that the heads of all world governments should come to a special Climate Conference that is going to held in September.

MR Guterres while painting the grim picture of the horrific climate change said that he felt the oncoming implications of this after seeing the year round increased Heat waves, wildfires, storms and floods that left trail of destructions in their wake.

He further stated,

“Corals are dying, seas are becoming more and more acidic and conflicts are there on dwindling resources. Concentration of carbon dioxide on earth is at its highest in the past 3 million years.”

Although the world assured at the 2015’s Paris Climate Change Conference that they are going to tackle climate change, not even the most of the goals have been achieved in that regard.

He said tackling the climate changes and spending money on it can all be recovered only in the ten years but only the lack of Political leadership is hampering all this progress.

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US negotiators have tried their best in Bangkok last week to try and push this process of tackling climate changes forward. However all of this has again been declined due to the arguments of rich and poor country over the money.

Mr. Guterres said that he is not only committing himself but the whole of UN to come to a political landscape to address this climate change. His last words, which were very grim stated, “We are moving towards et edge of abyss. Our fate is in our hands”.

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