Published On: Mon, Dec 11th, 2017

UN Talks: North Korea Blames The US For Blackmailing On Nuclear As Tension Rises

North Korea blamed the United States for blackmailing on nuclear weapons as officials spoke to senior UN member who after wrapping up a five-day visit to Pyongyang reached in Beijing and after a long this is a first visit by such a high ranked member.


After wrapping up a five-day visit to Pyongyang in order to reduce the conflicts and crisis in the region that have gone up after North Korea’s latest missile attack.

Jeffrey Feltman has arrived in Beijing on Saturday and according to him, Korea blamed for US blackmailing while on other side they are ready for regular communications.

Pyongyang is ready for regular communications with organization as told by senior UN member, he visited the Beijing on Saturday while he had planned to go on a trip for North Korea to defuse the tensions that are raising in the region due to nuclear weapons.

He met during his visit with Foreign Minister Ri Yong-Ho and vice foreign minister Pak Myong-Kuk.

According to the state agency that North Korea said in meeting with senior US member Jeffrey that United States ahs the unfriendliness behavior with them.

While they are blackmailing on nuclear power and raising the tensions on North Korean Peninsula because they are sincere for table talks.

The Jeffrey told during his visit to Beijing that North Korea had agreed that they are ready for regular talks at different levels with the organization and the US blackmailing on nuclear weapons, is increasing the tensions in region.

UN senior member visited to North Korea to reduce the crisis which has arisen after the Pyongyang latest missile test, about which it was said that it can hit US mainland and during his meeting it is said by Korea that they are ready for regular communication.

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