Published On: Wed, Jan 23rd, 2019

Unique Honeymoon Ideas to Help you Celebrate Your Marriage

Taking a honeymoon is one of the most important parts of getting married. It’s that small period of time after your marriage where you can really connect and enjoy one another’s company , while simultaneously celebrating your lifelong commitment to one another. It’s the beginning of your marriage. Often one of the most special times in the lives and commitments that married couple share. So making sure that you have planned your honeymoon down to a tee is hugely important. Fundamentally, your planning should involve thinking about where you want to go, how long you want to go for and how you will get to your destination. If you are having a little trouble deciding on somewhere unique that suits the both you and your budget perfectly then take a look at our honeymoon planning inspiration below! Afterall, this will be one of the best and most memorable moments of your lives together. So lets make it worthwhile!

1). Consider whether you really want to go abroad

A lot of people don’t even consider a staycation as a honeymoon option, but this can be one of the best and most stress free ways to really propel yourself into married life. Without having the stress and hassle of going to the airport, you can start to enjoy married life right away. Plus there are so many beautiful places that England has to offer. Consider staying in a beachside apartment in cornwall or a cottage tucked away in the countryside. This is a really homely, relaxing and nourishing way for you to spend your honeymoon. Stay somewhere that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Sometimes staying at home can be a lot more enjoyable then going through the stress of flying half way around the world.

2). Activity Honeymoons

Another great way to spend your honeymoon is by doing something a little active. Maybe you have always wanted to climb a mountain, trek a trail, or cycle around Europe? Either way, taking the time to do something active is a really fulfilling way that you and your partner can spend your honeymoon. The act of ticking something off your bucket list just a few weeks into your marriage will help you to pave the way for all that you will achieve together in the future. If you both love a particular sports or activity then this is a wonderful way to bond. You can even use an activity superstore promo code to save money on your day out! This is a great way to save on running, trekking and cycling activities. You can also save on a range of other activities too so whichever activity that you and your partner want to embark on, online discounts will help to make it more affordable! Here are a few activity honeymooning ideas:

  • Skiing: One of the most romantic and fun sports is skiing! Have some fun in the snow with your partner and bond like never before!
  • Trek a mountain: Feel alive by spending your honeymoon trekking to the top of a mountain. There is nothing quite like spending the beginning of your marriage together atop a mountain gazing out over glorious views.
  • Diving: try your hand at diving and explore the reefs and underwater wonders that our planet has to offer. What could be more romantic that discovering the beauty of the ocean?

3). Travel by sea

This may not be something that you have prior considered for your honeymoon, but travelling by sea can be one of the most romantic things for you and your partner to do. Not only do you get the wild and romantic views of the ocean, but you will also feel really cosy and close to your partner in your ocean cabin. You can travel by ferry or cruise to one of the many beautiful European, Mediterranean or otherwise locations that you and your partner have on your bucket list. The scenic route that accompanies traveling by boat and the many onboard activities that ferries have on offer mean that you will never have a dull moment. Plus you can get some great cruise discounts with My Favourite Voucher Codes, so your travels don’t have to cost a lot!

4). Do something for the greater good to strengthen your fledgling marriage

If you and your partner both believe in a specific cause or charity then why not consider using your honeymoon time to raise some money and awareness? You could take some time to volunteer overseas, or undertake a fundraising skydive, run or bungee jump. These are all things that would allow you both to connect and bond while simultaneously facilitating a positivity into the beginning of your lives together. So consider doing something for the greater good on your honeymoon. It can be a lot more fulfilling than laying by the side of a pool.

There are so many ways that you can embark on a honeymoon that is a little different from the norm. From staycations and traveling by sea to activity based honeymoons and fundraising centred trips, you are sure to find the perfect honeymooning idea for you. The most important thing about your honeymoon is that it is right for both you and your partner, and that it sets your marriage off on the right foot. So take the time to think through a few of your options and choose the one that best suits you both.

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