Published On: Wed, Dec 26th, 2018

Unlike Any Conventional Lipstick

Unlike any conventional lipstick, stain or colorLipsense is one the most streaming brand all over the social media. An international company called SeneGence is the sole distributors selling out this amazing product. 

As of now it’s new in the air and so we are very much obsessed with its uncertain results, the reasons are many like very fewer reviews, single distributor and its fresh entry. Though everywhere the good name of lipsense is winning hearts with its super staying power exceeding to 18 hours, with no smudging formulation even in water.

One can eat, drink, wipe or kiss, this lipsense lips cover does not transfer at all. But the fans still have a bed of doubt hitting their mind a number of time when they finally decide to grab it is “IsLipsense safe?”.

Well, being a cosmetoholic not at an easy job, the very next priority after the looks it the safety. There is no such product failure whereas the one that failed have a very pathetic result. So, keeping in mind the users demand the safety review of Lipsense we have come up with the best for you.

Famous cosmetic chemist Rhonda M. Davis said “The LipSense Lips stain, lipstick or color blends well over the lips, which is best for a long-wear occasion. Non-transfer and water-resistant properties make LipSense more remarkable.

At the very first application, the formulation may give a reason to worry for the alcohols found in the formula, but me being a chemist, can totally understand what exactly is used and why”.

She also added “Denatured alcohol is an odorless diluent which is basically included to balance the texture of the formula so as to maintain the consistency and viscosity. As soon as you apply the Lipsense lipstick over your lips, the alcohol evaporates in no time, leaving behind the moisturizing and conditioning ingredients isostearyl alcohol and butylene glycol.

It is clubbed with some skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory extracts, I think this is a cool formula worthy of trying out! And for those who are prone to really dry lips, I would suggest using a moisturizing lip balm when you’re not wearing LipSense to provide nourishment and moisture to lips.”

So, it seems she almost opened up mystery behind the Lipsense lip cover which is of great help for all of us. We can clearly state now the” lsLipsense is safe”. Girls we should not wait anymore, move 18 hr free of worry. However, it is quite tough to remove but the remover that comes along with the product called Ooops! Remover will make your job all the easier.

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