Published On: Mon, Dec 11th, 2017

US, Israeli Flags Burnt By Hardline Indonesian Groups Over Trump’s Announcement

After the declaration of Donald Trump that Jerusalem will be capital of Israel, the Muslim leaders have strongly condemned this recognition and now American as well as Israeli flags have burnt outside the U.S. embassy by the Indonesian Muslim groups.


Over the Trump’s declaration that US embassy will be moved to Jerusalem which will be Israeli capital in recent days, the world is showing the reactions on this announcement.

Muslim countries have gone against America in reaction and in different countries people are protesting against the Donald recognition by burning their flags.

Photos of the American president Donald Trump along their flag as well as the Israeli flag have burned outside the US embassy by Hardline Muslim groups in Indonesia.

People are protesting on the roads against the Trump’s announcement and the many countries are angry on this declaration.

The Turk leader Erdogan has called the Israel as Terrorist state, the Muslim leader has strongly condemned the recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

He said that if this will be in actual then Turkey will cut all relations with Israel and that mosques is a red line for Muslims of all world.

Protestors are protesting against the US president decision as Jerusalem will be capital of Israel because according to Trump that Jerusalem is the state of Israeli government power from many decades.

They have announced the United States embassy will be moved to there while some senior officials admit that this will destroy the peace situation in Palestine.

The Palestinian people are protesting against the Trump’s decision, while clashes have started in Jerusalem between civilians and Israeli troops while according to reports some people have died and hundreds have injured and Indonesian Muslims are protesting in front of US embassy.

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