Published On: Wed, Nov 29th, 2017

US Mainland Is Under Striking Range of ICBM Nuclear Missiles As Korea Warns

North Korea has successfully tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile first time in two months and on Wednesday it is said that whole United States mainland is under the range of these powerful nuclear missiles weapon.


It is claimed by the Pyongyang that they tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile on Wednesday while it is first test in last months.

It is said by North Korea that US mainland has put under the range of nuclear weapons and this claim did just after the Donald Trump’s action of including the name of North Korea in blacklist.

On the state television on Wednesday it is said by the North Korea that country has done another successful test which is about the advancement of ICBM missile.

As compare to that nuclear weapons which was tested in July and it has increased the tensions in region.

This news is not verified by the officials directly but according to experts that North Korea has done successfully which make them more powerful in the eyes of Washington as they can now negotiate about nuclear programs.

New intercontinental ballistic missile are advanced which can now hit the all regions of United States as reported by experts.The missile Hwasong-15 has put the US in tensions as it put America in its range and it strengthens the Korea.

United States and North Korea have many conflicts with each other while the crisis in the region are increasing with the passage of days.

And it is saying by the experts that this test was done to show the reaction of US’s step as they put the Pyongyang in black list in recent days.

A new talk has been started with the advance test of ICBM nuclear missile by North Korea and the war head chances have been increased in region.

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