Published On: Sat, Sep 8th, 2018

US Prostitution Ring case new light has been shined over the sexual exploitation by South Indian Film Industry

An Indian couple was arrested by local authorities in US. The couple was arrested for running an illegal prostitution ring.

US prostitution ring case shines light on sexual exploitation in southern India’s film industry

Five actress of the South Indian film industry which is also known as Tollywood; have travelled in past few months to US under the false pretense of attending various cultural events.

However the federal officials have released that these actresses were then involved in prostitution helped by Kishan and Chandra Modugumudi.

Mr. Modugumudi came to US for the first time back in April of 2015. At that time his visa application stated that he was involved with Telugu Film Industry.

Suspicions only rose after an actress whose visit to US has been allegedly arranged by Modugumudi; was questioned by immigration officers.

The charges state that, the event she stated to have attended in US; she was never really invited to it.

Further investigation resulted in the find of five other fake visa letters after Modugumudi’s residence was searched. Authorities believe these letters to be the ledger for prostitution.

The couple is yet to make any plea bargain or make any public statement.

However this news have rapidly spread throughout South India by Telugu news channels who have claimed that South Indian Film industry is using the lure of fame and work to lure in young women for sexual abuse and harassment.

An upcoming Telugu actress Sri Reddy told BBC Telugu that, “Telugu actresses are deemed as sexual objects and I want the world to know of it. I not only did nude calls but nude chats and even sent nude photos all for the sake of getting a role. They used me and still did not casted me in their film.”

Reddy has recently also stripped down to her underwear in an attempt of protest against the sexual exploitation of women in the film industry. The protest was carried out by her outside a film company office.

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