Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

US Response North Korea Is Developing More Advanced Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles

North Korean news agency posted a photo of leader Kim showing that military received the orders from the government to build more powerful ballistic missiles and the country is going to increase in production of new advanced rocket engines.


Liquid-fuel rockets are difficult to launch because they take the more time for launch, so North Korea is going to build more advanced rocker engines which will be based on solid fuels, Pyongyang now will improve technology of the ballistic missiles and country is doing this in response of US- South Korea together military exercises.

US has many clashes with North Korea because of their nuclear systems, as from previous months Pyongyang is building more intercontinental ballistic missiles which are threat to America.

Due to their very fast development in missiles, tensions are increasing in the region and many of times US government have warned them.

The spokesperson of North Korean government has told earlier this month to news agency that the country will start the nuclear war if they felt any threat from US military while on other side.

Defense minister of US has announced that the Pyongyang will lost its regime and they will face the destruction of their people, if they didn’t control their missiles system.

The superior leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un visited the Chemical Material Institute of the Academy of Defense Science, he ordered to the academy for boosting up the missiles development and this news has increased the tensions.

Kim has ordered to built more advanced solid fuel rockets which can be able to launch in less time by consuming less fuel than liquid fuel rockets.

It is said b him that increase the production capacity of war head missiles, engine jets and this was said after the US –South Korean military exercises.

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