Published On: Thu, Dec 7th, 2017

US Threats On Korean Peninsula To Make War An Established Fact As North Korea Says

The North Korean foreign Minister said that nuclear war an established fact on Peninsula as US with South Korea has carried out large military drills in which advanced warplanes were used and these are the direct threats to Pyongyang for war.


The spokesperson claimed that United States is pushing the Peninsula into the war water as they have carried out the military exercise with powerful warplanes along aircrafts with the South Korean army in recent days and through this US is giving direct threats to Pyongyang for nuclear war.

Tensions in the region are increasing as both powerful countries are trying to take over on each other, the whole world is know about the clashes between North Korea and United States.

US is denying to accept the nuclear development of Pyongyang while Korea is making powerful nuclear missiles and have warned American many times for attack.

In recent days, Pyongyang has made a successful test of a new missile which can hit the whole United States mainland as experts say.

According to the officials that the intercontinental ballistic missile has increased the US tensions and America is planning to deal with this.

American president Donald Trump has imposed more serious sanctions after the recent missile test, North Korea will face more financial damage.

As US state department is on a plan to put Pyongyang on black list and army are improving their defensive weapons to deal with their missiles.

The North Korean foreign minister said on Wednesday in a statement  that American is increasing the tensions in the region as by military drills with South Korea in Peninsula.

They directly threaten Pyongyang, war on the Korean peninsula is an established fact now and nuclear war is now matter of when.

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