Published On: Wed, Jan 17th, 2018

US Warns On Military Options As Nations Want More Sanctions Against North Korea

At least 20 nations are agreed on Tuesday to impose more serious sanctions against North Korea in order to press them for the denuclearization of weapons and United States warned the Pyongyang to use the military options if they didn’t give up on nuclear weapons.


US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson threatened to North Korea that if Kim Jong did not agree on giving up nuclear weapons then they will face the military response against them while on Tuesday it is reported that about twenty nations voted against Pyongyang for more serious sanctions in order to press them for stopping the nuclear development.

It is might possible that now United States will use the power against Kim Jong’s government because they are not ready for negotiations on their nuclear weapons.

UN Security Council has imposed many sanctions on North Korea in recent month and now demands for more sanctions are coming from different nations.

North Korea are developing their nuclear weapons with a speedy way which has increased the tensions of other countries because through this the danger of nuclear war has increased as many of times Pyongyang has warned US for the nuclear attack and now the situation has gone to more worse because irresponsible behavior of Pyongyang.

As the days are going the danger of nuclear weapons strike is increasing because North Korea is developing their nuclear programs in a better way as according to the spokesperson that the whole US mainland is on the hit point of Korea’s missiles and this has increased the anger of United States.

According to reports that about 20 countries are demanding for more sanctions on North Korea to press their nuclear programs and US has warned Pyongyang to face the military options.

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